Wonderland: Part 8 – Brokenhearted

Brian wondering

“What just happened?”

Lacey stood there stunned at her home as Brian had just pulled out. She made it outside to smell the fresh rubber burning on the concrete as he pulled away. She came clean to Brian, but it only ended up getting worse. Now, as she ran back into the house, she felt the tears coming on. What was once a perfect house with her and Brian loving life, has now turned into a house of horrors for Lacey. Brian was gone, she was sad and Charlotte was at the root of it all. It seemed like she was right back in that moment where Brian chose her over Charlotte.

As much as Lacey wanted to sit there and sulk over Brian leaving, she knew she had to leave as well. Billy could show up at any moment in time and that would not be a good thing for her at all. She ran to her room, packed up her things, hopped in her vehicle and floored it out of the apartment.

Lacey was turning the corner at the top of her street when Billy showed up at her and Brian’s home searching for her again. As soon as he pulled up, he noticed Lacey’s car and Brian’s truck were gone. Just to be sure no one was there though, Billy parked his vehicle and went inside. He went through all the rooms and there was no sign of Lacey or Brian. In his disgust, he noticed she had packed up her clothes. He also noticed Brian had some clothes scattered over the bed as well. Both were gone and it made him even madder.  What if Lacey had told Brian all the things he was involved in? What if she was plotting to destroy him?

“I gotta find that woman and I gotta find her now.”

Just when he was getting ready to take off, Billy received a call from Charlotte.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at Lacey and Brian’s place. Where are you?”

“I am on my way home. Lacey tried to hit me with a shovel when she saw me and Brian in their front yard. Brian luckily shielded me from her and I was able to escape in my car.”

“Okay. Glad you’re okay, but what happened between them?”

“I’m not sure. All I know is, I was about to taste a shovel if it weren’t for Brian.”

“So, what were you doing with Brian anyway Charlotte?”

“I went to the Waffle House and saw him. We sat and talked and we went back to their place to talk some more.”

“Really Charlotte? The plan isn’t even finished and you out there trying to rekindle an old flame. We need to handle business first, then you can do whatever you want.”

“It was just breakfast, Billy. Relax.”

“You’re right, but I have to find Lacey and I have to find her now. She could ruin me with the information she has.”

“I can call Brian to see if he can give me information on where they are.”

“Okay. Call him and see what you can find out. I will hang out in this area just in case they are around here.”

Billy and Charlotte hung up and Charlotte immediately called Brian.

“Hey, Brian. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Just looking for somewhere to stay. Lacey tried to tell me this crazy story that you had been trying to set her up the whole time and that your husband drugged her into sleeping with him. All a load of crap. I was done as soon as she told me all this foolishness. I’m getting ready to find me a hotel for the night and figure out what my next move is.”

“So, Lacey isn’t with you?”

“No. I don’t know where she is.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind meeting you somewhere, if that’s okay with you.”

“Sure. Where did you have in mind?”

While Brian and Charlotte were chatting away, Billy was awaiting his call back. And he waited and waited and waited. Over two and a half hours went by and he finally got tired of waiting and called Charlotte back.

The phone rung but Charlotte was in no position to answer the call. She and Brian were able to meet up, and one thing led to another, and they ended up in Charlotte’s bed at her home.

“Brian. You gotta wake up. I don’t think it would be a good idea for Billy to catch you here. ”

“You got a point there Charlotte. We probably shouldn’t have come here, honestly. Wasn’t the smartest idea.”

“You’re right. Well, get your clothes on. You have to get out of here before he comes back. He surely is going to be upset that I never called him back.”

As soon as Charlotte said that about Billy calling her back, she looked at her phone and noticed Billy had called her about 30 or so minutes ago.

“Hurry up Brian! He could be here any minute. He called me a little while ago.”

Brian was scrambling to get his clothes on and leave when they heard the front door open and a voice yell out, “Hey honey, I’m home.”

Billy was coming up the stairs and Brian was still there getting dressed.

“Get in the closet now!”

Brian jumped in the closet, still halfway dressed and not ready to leave.

“Hey, Charlotte. Did you forget something? You didn’t call me back.”

“Sorry, Billy. I didn’t call you back. I’m sorry.”

“Did you get Brian to tell you where they were?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Well crap. I guess that’s it for tonight then. Time to get some rest. But first, I have to take a shower.”

Billy went to the shower to get cleaned off for the day and Charlotte watched as he closed the door. She heard as the water was turned on and the curtain closed with Billy under the water. As soon as she confirmed he was in the shower, Charlotte motioned to Brian to get out of the closet and head out the door. Brian discreetly headed out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the door.  He started up his truck, which was conveniently hidden around the back of the house and out of view, and bolted from the house. Charlotte let out a sigh of relief. She got Brian where she wanted him and got him out without Billy even seeing him. Charlotte wasn’t ready for Brian to know the truth of the matter as to how this all was set up.

As soon as Charlotte let that sigh out and laid on the bed, Billy was right there with his towel wrapped around him from his shower.

“So, how long were you going to let me believe Brian wasn’t here Charlotte?”


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