Tired of The “Karens”

Karen on the phone

Incident after incident keeps popping up and I am sick of it. “Karens” are popping up everywhere there is a camera to record them. For those that are not familiar with “Karens”, this has become the nickname for white women who have been perpetuating racist behavior and seniority over a situation and then trying to cry victim.

Here are some visuals for those that are still not familiar:

This is footage of an original “Karen”. She would go on to be on national television talking about she wasn’t racist and meant no harm and of course, no one really cared at that point; The proof was in her actions.

We have seen this action time after time after time from white people, especially women. After every single time incident, they play victim and try to tell people they aren’t racist or profiling Black people or people of color. Well, after seeing this over and over again, there comes a time where “Karens” have to stop this foolishness.

First, learn to leave people alone. Not everything is your business nor does it have to be. “Karens” are notorious for putting themselves in the middle of situations that don’t involve them. Like what happened in Oakland in the video above, the woman made it her business to be in someone else’s business and no one was even doing anything wrong to begin with.

Secondly, stop apologizing. We know you meant to do what you did. Quit claiming stress, mental illness or whatever you want to claim. That is all a lie and we know you meant what you did. Own it and own the repercussions that come along with your hurtful actions. For those that have apologized, we know you are only apologizing for getting caught. You aren’t sorry, so keep the apology and deal with the downfall you brought upon yourself.

Thirdly, quit trying to play the victim. In these situations many times, the white women are the aggressors that escalate situations. Once challenged or once the police show up, then their demeanor changes automatically. They go from the aggressors to playing the victim in those scenarios where the “scary Black person” had them fearing for their life. If you wanted to act, then why didn’t you take acting classes? Acting on camera in real-life situations that could turn deadly or harmful is hardly the time to pick up this profession. Again, get some business and go on somewhere.

“Karens” have GOT to sit down. “Kens” do too. All around, can we just live, walk in a neighborhood, barbecue, breathe in peace? If “Karens” and “Kens” keep popping up and instigating things like they have, the reactions of Black people being harassed is going to get worse and I’m not sure “Karen” wants to see that.


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