The God In You


The world around you is falling apart. People that look like you are being killed over and over by those appointed to protect us. Our brothers and sisters have been found hanging in trees and it’s being labeled as suicide. Your government not only supports your demise but is evolving and coming up with new ways to destroy who you are due to fear. The stress of financial stress is slowly building and piling on top of your shoulders and killing you softly. Your job may have let you go as a means of sacrifice due to this pandemic just so they can continue to survive while you stress on survival everyday. You feel threatened emotionally, drained mentally, and worry if physically you will be able to survive another day. You question every thing about yourself, your decisions, actions, motives, inspiration.  You even begin to question if you are capable of creating the proper solution for yourself. How am I reading your thoughts you say? How do I know your pain? How is this random nigga from Oakland able to simply peer into your soul and tell you about yourself without even knowing or seeing you?

I know your pain and emotions because it was once mines as well. I’ve gotten past these type of feelings because I have taken time to remember who I am. I remember the God in me. I’ve sat back and remembered that I come from a long structural ancestral line of God’s before. Descendants of those who have traveled the world before others knew it was possible. Remembering that I am connected to the original recipe of every culture. The God in me is similar to the original God. Just as we were all creating in God’s image as it has been told, therefore since we as black people are the blueprint to cultures we have created everything. We have created everything, because without the original blueprint these things would not have been able to become manifestations. The black woman is creator of life itself and thus she is God. Since I am the closest creation of her life I am therefore a God in that itself. History has shown that we are immortal, our identities were taken and destroyed so therefore we created new ones. Our language and communication was destroyed and thus we created another. Over and over again history has shown that no matter what we endure what we face, we evolve.

I refuse to fear anything because I have faith that we will forever evolve. I believe in it and proof shows that it must be true. I have learned to no longer fear the threats that come at my people because our enemy only fears what they do not know. They fear and have no understanding of how we have been able to still remain immortal. We have an endless history and evolution shows that the future will be filled with us expanding. Drop your doubt and fear sit back and watch enjoy the godliness that we have obtained.


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