Stockton Summers on Sesame Street

The sound of crickets and the dark always bring me peace

Makes me think of summer nights in Stockton dancing on sesame street

That’s what we called it cause there were hella kids

Something like family, way more than friends

On the fourth of july we’d flood the street

Two claps, right now, we said to the beat

Then dropped it low and hopped right back on our feet

People all around you but not caring bout the heat

Cause all we had to do was live our lives and breathe


We used to skip around the corners trying to make it while we screamed

Cause there was a man in a white van selling dollars worth of cream

We begged our parents for the money while the driver sat and beeped

Like are you gonna buy or not, if not i’m about to leave

They told us they ain’t have it, maybe next time, we will see

Ran back in despair while our neighbors smiled and beamed

One of their parents saw the sadness on our faces, we were vexed

They went inside their pockets, solved the problem, we were blessed.  

The summer days went faster than our youth

And now we reminisce on the times we used to choose

Joy over sorrow and smiles over tears 

But I’ll always be a kid at heart, no matter the years


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