My Life Be Like

TSS – “Drank & Sativa”

We were bound to cross paths; finally come face to face because those late night texts were getting intense. All that talk about how much you wanted me. All that talk about how you'd do my body. It was time to see if all that talk had action behind it. I hopped in my car;… Continue reading TSS – “Drank & Sativa”

Go Awf!

Don’t Touch my Weeeeeed!

  As we know the cannabis industry is growing tremendously as more places in the U.S begin to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana. There has also been a rise in YT “progressives” capitalizing off of marijuana by starting lucrative businesses. All over the country people are opening dispensaries, and promoting their cannabis businesses on Instagram.… Continue reading Don’t Touch my Weeeeeed!

My Life Be Like

A Crazy Thursday Night

"Ight bro, holla at me." I said to Ron as we dapped down. We had just left Barwest on J street and we were about to go home. It was 11:15pm so it was early for us. Ron had been having issues with his ole lady and she was even more pissed that he went… Continue reading A Crazy Thursday Night