A Crazy Thursday Night

blue cue

“Ight bro, holla at me.” I said to Ron as we dapped down.

We had just left Barwest on J street and we were about to go home. It was 11:15pm so it was early for us. Ron had been having issues with his ole lady and she was even more pissed that he went out. For those reasons, we decided to call it a night early.

We parked in opposite directions so we headed separate ways. The night was ending. At least, that’s what I thought.

As I came up J street heading toward Arco, I was stopped by a short latino guy. He asked, “Bro, step into Blue Cue with me.”

I tried to lie, “Man I got to head in, my ole lady gone trip.” I was going through a breakup and my ole lady didn’t give two shits about where I was.

He was ready for it, “Man, but you out right now?! If she gone be mad about it she probably mad already?! You leaving now or an hour from now is not going to make a difference bro, roll through there with me and I’ll buy you a shot bro”

Fuck it, lets do it!

Me and the short Latino guy walked up the stairs into Blue Cue. It was much more crowded and buzzing than it was a few hours ago when me and Ron were in there. The bartender grabbed the microphone and as he looked at me said, “We got IAMSU in the building.” He was always doing that every time I stepped into Blue Cue. LOL.

The Latino guy bought me a shot of Jack and we chatted for a few minutes. A tall white guy approached me and the Latino guy walked off and I didn’t see him for the rest of the night.

The tall white guy spoke and ordered a round of mixed drinks. He ordered like five of them and gave me one. A tall curvy black woman and a red headed white girl walked up and took two of the drinks. The tall white guy turned to me and said, “bro, she is so fine, OMG bro, look at her, dude you should definitely talk to her.” Before I could get my words out, he pulled the tall black girl by her hand and introduced us. He didn’t even know my name.

She was cool. She said her name was Amber and she was a student at Sac State. I told her I was a teacher and she told me she wanted to go to law school. For some reason, the drunk tall white guy kept coming back and interrupting our conversation. He was saying things like, “You guys are getting along well”, “You guys can come back to my apartment if you need to use it” “I’ve got weed and cocaine, you guys can have a really good time at my apartment.”

After that 3rd interruption, Amber told him to chill out and let us talk. He didn’t comprehend so she slipped away as he rambled on about what he had for us in his apartment. He was interrupted by one of his friends and I walked off.

I texted Ron and told him that Blue Cue was lit right now. Within five mins, Ron was back upstairs at Blue Cue and I was running down what was going on. As we looked up, we saw a short black guy with a dark brown complexion and dreads talking to Amber. He had on a book sack so I assumed that he was a student.

She spoke to him for a while and five minutes later we bumped into each other and began chatting. Ron began chatting with her red-head friend. I found out that her and the red-head were roommates. On top of that, they literally stayed next door to me. Soon, the dread headed guy and another guy joined in the circle. The red-head said she had to run to the bathroom. She walked up to me and Amber and kissed both of us.

At that point, Amber was like, “See this is why I can’t let her leave my side, because she has been kissing random people all damn night.” Wow. The tall white guy walked up to us again with his friend, looked at me and said, “This is my boyfriend.”

I looked at his friend and said “I ain’t his boyfriend, I’m not gay and I just met this fool 30 minutes ago.” Amber walked off again and the dreaded guy began talking to her. Me and Ron started talking to other guys at the bar. Ron said that he was about to leave and I was like I’m done too. I just wanted Amber’s number. She eventually walked to the bar to order another drink and I walked up and got her number. At that point, the night was complete and I was ready to head in.

I walked back to the circle around Ron and was getting ready to leave. Amber and the red-head were talking to the tall white guy. As me and Ron neared the exit, she walked up to me and said, “So we are going to go back to his apartment to see what he’s got, you should come.” I told her I was down and ready to leave right now.

The dreaded guy came back up and the white guy said that he was his boyfriend. The dreaded guy asked him what the fuck was wrong with him. I noticed a strong southern drawl in the dreaded guy’s accent.

I asked him where he was from and he told me he was from North Carolina. His name was Zscrilla. I told him I was from Louisiana and we immediately vibed. He told me he was trying to get at Amber but the drunk white boy was cock blocking. I told him that the same shit happened to me but I got her number so I wasn’t tripping on his crazy ass anymore.

The red-head walked up to us and asked if we were going back to the drunk guy’s house. They wanted a ride. Zscrilla didn’t drive, so I agreed to give everyone a ride. I had a Tundra and it was only five people including the drunk white boy.

We walked downstairs to the street and Ron said he was going home. We were all standing outside and a few Mexican guys walked up to speak to Amber. The Mexican guys were also invited to the drunk guy’s apartment. Wow, this ratio was off. Seven guys to two girls. This wasn’t going to work. We were more worried about the three Mexican guys than the drunk guy and his friend.

The original five crammed into my truck. The girls and Zscrilla on the inside. Drunk guy and his friend in the bed of the truck. Drunk guy was laying in the bed of the truck because he was wasted. I was afraid he’d throw up all on my seats. Tall guy lived in Midtown and claimed it was walking distance from where we were. He struggled to give us directions to his apartment and we drove around in a damn circle. Amber was finally able to get him to give us the address. We drove to the address and when we parked his friend said this wasn’t his apartment complex.

Drunk guy said that he was too drunk to actually recall his address. He assured us that we were close and he said he could walk us to the apartment from there. I protested, I was ready to leave and everyone was frustrated. The three Mexican guys who were following behind us were really pissed.

We all got out and started following drunk guy toward his home. The group spread out as we were walking. At one point, me and Zscrilla were talking to Amber. She told us that her roommate tended to be loose when they went out. She often had to stop her from sleeping with random guys. It didn’t surprise us.

The red-head was lagging back talking to the Mexican guys but she had to pee. She wanted to use the bathroom in an ally that we had already passed. Me and Zskilla offered to walk her back to make sure she was safe. The Mexicans went and spoke with Amber while we walked with the red-head.

As we were talking, the red-head expressed to us that she loved her roomy Amber but that she could be a little bit of a slut at times. She told us that she had been fucking a bunch of different guys. TMI. These girls seemed like they hated each other. They were telling complete strangers all of the other’s business. I couldn’t understand why they would even be out with each other.

We caught up with the rest of the group and found out that the tall drunk guy had been leading us in the wrong direction. WHAT THE FUCK. The Mexican guys said fuck it and left.

Drunk guy’s friend, who was Pacific Islander, decided to lead us to drunk guy’s house. He knew the way. On the walk, me and Zscrilla cracked many jokes. I found out that he was a weed man and often came out just to sell dope to people in the club. After about another 15 minutes of walking, we finally arrived.

When we arrived at the apartment, we all agreed to roll a few up and have a session. Zscrilla opened his book sack and started pulling out his weed stuff.
Tall guy led me and amber into his room. He had a piano keyboard and we started fooling around with it. He said, “It’s cool huh? I’m going to give you guys some alone time, make yourself at home” and then he closed the door…..

As I fiddled with the keyboard trying to play the notes to Petey Pablo’s freak-a-leek, we looked around the room quickly and saw that he had two large Ziploc bags full of weed. She grabbed the bags and started emptying the weed in her purse. WTF, I thought to myself. She grimy as hell, I cant fuck with this one.

After she finished stealing tall guy’s weed, we walked back into the common area where Zscrilla and the others were lighting up. I guess the obsessive drinking got to the red-head because she was laid out across a futon and rambling un-comprehendible words. Tall guy was laid out across his floor while the Pacific Islander friend was smoking.
Amber got tall guy off the floor and helped him back into his room. Me, Zscrilla, and the Pacific Islander guy passed blunts around and talked.

A few minutes later Amber walked out of the room holding a phone in her hand. She said, “OMG ya’ll, someone called his phone, I answered and it was his girlfriend. She cursed me out and said she had had it with him and they were breaking up. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t what she was thinking but she’s not buying it and wants to know how long me and him have been hooking up. She’s still on the phone but I’ve got us on mute.”

The Pacific Islander guy said, “Oh yeah, he’s probably fucked this time, give me the phone and I’ll talk to her.” He took the phone and walked outside. Me and Zscrilla asked Amber why in the hell would she answer this man’s phone???? She couldn’t give us an answer.

After that, We were ready to call it a night. The only problem was I didn’t know where I parked my vehicle. We were going to have to find it.

Me, Amber, and Zscrilla headed out of the house walking down the street just talking. About five minutes into the walk, Amber said that she wanted to go back to check on her roommate. She’d feel bad if she left her there and something happened to her. She left and went back.

Me and Zscrilla were lost. We wandered around another 20 minutes without finding the truck. We talked more though and I found out that Zscrilla had been in Sac for about a year. When I told him that I went to Grambling, he told me that he went to Shaw University. That’s an HBCU in North Carolina. We were definitely coming from a familiar experience. He was the student-drug dealer on his campus while I was just the student on mine, LOL.

Finally, I had an idea to find the truck. I called Amber and asked if she had the original address that the tall guy gave her in her maps history. She texted me the address.

We pulled up in front of his apartment and the Pacific Islander was still outside on the phone. Amber stepped outside and told us that she walked in on the Pacific Islander having raw sex with her roommate on the futon. Oh lawwddd I though to myself. She was going to help red-head get up, because she was struggling to stand up.
When they finally got into the truck, Amber was telling her red-head, “It’s ok roomy, don’t regret anything that you did, you are here living your best life and doing you.” Lawwddd, I thought to myself. This girl just got raped and you are telling her that she is out here living her best life.

When we got back to the complex, Amber thanked us and started walking off quickly. I got the vibe that the she was done with the night. She hurried to her apartment and closed her door. Zscrilla knocked on her door and she said, “We’re about to turn in, she has a 9am class.” Zscrilla asked her if she wanted to roll another one up and she agreed. We sat and talked while we smoked our last of the night, or morning. It was 4am.

Amber said that I was welcome to come over anytime since I lived next door. She told me that she was a great cook and that she’d cook for me if I brought the food over. She was open to that and smoking sessions.

After that, me and Zscrilla walked outside and chatted. We talked about how we were never going back down south to live, ever. He was explaining how much better his life had been since moving here. His weed business had been so popping that he brought his brothers out to California. He told me that he wanted to come back and get at Amber. I was cool on it. I had seen enough. I was worried that she’d steal everything I owned, LOL.
He assured me that, “You never have to pay for tree anymore, just hit me up and we can smoke with the girls anytime.” Zscrilla called a cab to scoop him up. I had to ask, “Why an expensive ass taxi and not an Uber?” He blew out some smoke and said, “I operate in cash only, no cards” LOL. Niggas.

And that’s how that crazy Thursday night ended.

I never saw Zscrilla again, and I never really followed up with Amber. I’ve seen her multiple times in the club and we always speak to each other. The red-head is never with her anymore. I guess they fell out. I’ve seen the red-head as well too. She’s much more chill when sober. I wonder if she even remembers what happened.




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