The She Series – “Love You More”

Hello and welcome back to The She Series! I want to thank you all for continuing to come back and read about my heartbreaks, drama and old love. If you’re a newcomer I’ll be taking you on a journey through my poetry books, The Diary of She – Vol. I and II.

Now let’s get into it my loves!

The first time I looked in his eyes they became engraved in my mind. The first time I saw his smile I knew he’d be mine. I held onto our first kiss like it was our last. Our first date, you’d think we planned to coordinate. I remember the first time we said “I love you” and our first song that still makes me think of us til this day. I remember the first time I felt like his “I love you” was a lie, and after that first argument, I was sure he’d no longer be mine. I remember when we finally did tell each other goodbye. It hurt, but I knew he’d always be my first love.

– Love You More via The Diary of She


If you’ve read my book you’ll notice in the dedication at the beginning I thanked my first love because he was the first person I ever felt a connection with and til this day I thank him for giving me an idea of what love could be like. Sure we were young but dealing with the men I’ve dealt with in my adult age I felt like my first love was the only true one I ever had. There were times I believed that one day our lives would align once again and we’d end up married somewhere with kids. We probably won’t but that will never change the way he used to make me feel.

I can remember when I finally laid my eyes on him, his smile took me over and I wanted to know who he was. He was no longer just some guy at our school that some girl brought up to me (funny story, it was my friend that actually had a crush on him but somehow I began dating him, with her approval of course). Our first date we both wore all red and you would have thought we called each other on the phone to plan it out. We ate at TGIF and went to a movie with my cousin and his friend that he was dating.

But what I really remember is our song. I smile and laugh at us until this day when I hear it. He played it for me and would sing it on the phone, play it on my voicemail and from that point on it was our song unless I was upset of course. That’s when he’d hear all the Keyshia Cole and MJB. Anyways, that’s actually how this poem got it’s title.

What was our song? It was “Love You More” by Ginuwine and I still know every word. He swears I didn’t write this poem about him or the other one but deep down I think he knows. Of all my exes I can say I still love him more, but every girl may feel that way about their first love. One day I’ll meet my future husband and I’m sure it’ll change.


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