50 Shades Of Her ‘A spicy Lesbian Erotic Series’





  1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Her finger tips roamed every part of my body as I quiver, mmm.

I’ve never felt something so amazing. She inserts her finger inside my woman hood while circling my clit with her thumb. I moan softly as she slowly fingers me repeatedly. 

Her tongue covers my nipples, and she sucks on it gently biting it. Multiple sensations driving my body wild. I’m drenching wet yearning for more.

I want to feel more of her, I want her to give me more.

“Taste it, tell me how good your pussy taste mami.” Luna whispered in my ear sliding her fingers in my mouth. I take her fingers into my mouth and suck my juices off them. “I taste sweet baby, kiss me” I reply, she kisses my lips then slide her tongue down my body slowly.

I begin to drench, my heart beat speed up, as she gets closer to my vagina. In moments Luna face is right where I wanted it to be. She slid her tongue across my clit teasing me. Of course I got even wetter, she roughly slides two fingers in and out my pussy as she sucks on my clit harder and harder. My body begin to tremble as she speeds the pace up. I feel myself cuming, “HOLD IT.” she demanded still finger fucking me. She then grabs a vibrator and slide it inside my wet pussy. Im soaking, feigning,begging for more. 

I hold back this nut as long as I can before I then orgasm, releasing all over her face. “Didn’t I say hold it?” she questions.

“I couldn’t daddy..” I reply.

“Shut the fuck up.” She demanded.

I then listened to her word. She grabs me by my hair bending me over and right then I already knew what was happening next. She wrapped her hands around

my hair pulling my head back as she then slides 9 inches deep inside my pussy. ahhh, i’m so wet.

Pussy drenching as she strokes and kiss on my neck. “Who pussy is baby?” she says licking my ear before shoving it deeper inside me. “Yours!” I moan.

She chuckles and goes deeper rotating her hips in a circular motion smacking my ass continuously, “Say my fucking name.” she yells.

“DADDYYYYY” I scream.

“And when daddy say hold it what do you do?”She asked.

At this point i’m losing my breath as she slams every inch of the strap deeper and deeper. 

“HOLD IT!” I managed to say.

She pulls it out and massages her tongue in my pussy sliding a finger in my asshole unexpectedly. 

The room filled with sounds of slurping and moaning.

She speeds up the pace, and my legs begin to quiver and shake.

mmmmm, why didn’t anyone tell me lesbians eat pussy the best?

She slides her tongue in my pussy, then out again.

“Ahhhhhh.” I scream.

“Wait, I think gotta peeee.” I whimper.

she keeps going, “Baby wait.” I say again.

splash, I squirt. For the first time.




  1. a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.

  2. a thing or course of action that attracts or tempts someone.

I woke up in a puddle, my vagina was throbbing and my head was aching.

I look beside me to see a empty bed. I sighed to myself looking for my phone. Soon as I find it I plug it into the charger and connect it to the bluetooth speaker.

I’m used to the cycle, We fuck me good and leave. 

I wake up all alone, great. 

I grabbed my robe and headed down the hallway.

I made my way down the hall , as I heard the shower running. Why would she leave my water running as if she pays bills around here? I thought to myself. 

I entered the bathroom to see her body through the glass shower doors. 

It was hot and steamy in there, I opened the glass door and dropped my robe. 

She pulled me close to her admiring every inch of my body licking her lips. 

The way she look at me drives my body wild. My pussy instantly gets wet. She makes me so weak.

She then pushes me against the wall and grabs both of my breast and pulls my right nipple into her mouth sucking it slowly, then she takes the other one in her mouth flicking her tongue on it while pinching my right one. 

I let out soft moans, all we hear is the shower running as the hot water hit our naked bodies. 

“Can I have you baby?” She whispers in my ear.

I nodded yes, she then sucks on my neck and bites down on it before lifting my body up.

I wrap my legs around her shoulders and grips ahold of her hair as she slides her tongue deep inside my pussy making me forget everything I was thinking prior.

“MMMMMM” I moan, she grips my ass squeezing it tightly. 

Her tongue speeds up in my pussy. Rotating my hips and grinding to the pace of her tongue I could hardly keep up. “Fuck” I groan.

I feel one of her fingers slide in my pussy and then another as she sucks my clit. 

Within moments I begin to cum all over the place but she doesn’t stop. She push her tongue on my clit and gently bites down on it. 

She lifts her head up and smiles before kissing me. 

I lick all of my juices off her lips.

“Bend over” she says.

I does exactly what she says. 

She slides her two fingers in my pussy and her tongue inside my ass.

My eyes begin to roll to the back of head, I felt like I was on cloud nine.

I’m addicted to her pleasure. I’m tempted all the time.




past tense: mesmerized; past participle: mesmerized

  1. hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them.



“Mrs.Hill you have three meetings set up this week.” Lisa reminded me.

“Great, and did you get those files together ?”  I questioned.

Lisa looked a tad frustrated as she sat the folders on my desk, “Here’s the stock information, I put all the necessary info in there.” She explained. 

“Thank you Lisa, can you please run to starbucks and grab me a Chai Creme Frappuccino?” I asked, I needed my caffeine fix. Today is going to be a long day. 

After Lisa left my office, I sat at my desk thinking about her…Her touch, Her lips, Her voice.

mmmm I was absolutely mesmerized.

All I wanted was her, I felt my pussy getting wet just by the thought of her tongue rubbing against my clit.

I closed my eyes, “ahhhhh” I moaned softly.

I lifted my skirt and decided to facetime HER

She answered to my wet pussy on the screen, I rubbed my clit moaning her name “Daddy” I slide two fingers inside my vagina and rub my clit with my thumb as my legs began to shake. 

“FUCKKK” I moan louder stroking my fingers in and out of my kitty. I begin to go deeper and speed up the pace. 

Just then I came all over my fingers, I lift my phone and look into the camera as she smirks. I suck my juices off my fingers and hang up the phone.

I can’t help but want HER

I grab a paper towel and clean my mess, as I sit at my desk in walks Lisa with my coffee. 

Perfect timing. 


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