Escaping The Friend Zone: Is It Impossible?


Ever find yourself in a situation with a man or woman that you are madly in love with or just someone you wouldn’t mind exploring a future with? I’m sure we all have, BUT, what if that person put you in the friend zone before you even got the chance to explore those feelings you were having for them? Do you stay friends or do you work your way up to escaping the friend zone?

I say go for it but only if you are sure and remember there’s a chance they may hit you with the, “Let’s just be friends” because they wouldn’t want to ruin a friendship that was already built. This is a legit reason for some people not wanting to escape the friend zone. Trust me! I’ve been there. Imagine being strictly friends with someone for 8+ years and you both decide to explore all that back and forth flirting you two do from time to time. I did it and let’s just say that having sex with a best friend or a friend you’ve known for years can lead to you two never speaking again. Mission, “Escape Friend Zone” definitely failed and left one of us with regrets. Another thing to keep in mind is he/she just might not be that into you and well if that’s the case you’re definitely stuck in the friend zone.

Of course this is not always the case. Escaping the friend zone isn’t some impossible mission. Many successful relationships and marriages come from men and women having the courage to let their emotions and actions speak for them. Being confident and consistent can take you very far in all aspects of life.

Today I’m here to give you some ways to jump out of that friend zone and into the arms of the one you like/love. I’m also going to let you know when to abort the mission.

FIRST TIP THOUGH, which I believe the most important:

If you do not plan to take the person serious nor see a future with them, please please please stay in your lane. Playing with a person’s emotions is very serious and the outcome can be detrimental. ABORT MISSION NOW!!!

Now for those who want to be more than friends and plan to be in this for the long run here are some tips to get out of the friend zone:


  • You’re probably wondering how this is going to let a person know you are into being more than just friends? Here’s how: When you are someone’s friend they tend to expect a lot from you with nothing in return. You are probably the one person they know they can call on and you are quick to come running. Since you are only a friend, start setting boundaries that lets the person know that if you just want to be friends do not call me for things a partner would do for you. Taking that step back will give them some time to think about all you do and let them appreciate you more. They may began to see that you have been going above and beyond, which can lead to them wanting to spend more time with you and explore outside of the friend zone. If they don’t seem to care that you’ve taken less interest , they probably just aren’t that into you.


  • There’s something about seeing your friend of the opposite sex with another person. They may start to get jealous the more time they see you putting more of your attention into someone else of the opposite sex. It’s kinda like how no one wants you until they see someone else who does. Now this can go one of two ways. Your friend may get jealous and feel like they have competition so they’ll start to invest more of their time into you OR you just end up being the asshole


  • Keep it cute guys and gals but put yourself out there a little. Flirt with your friend and see if they catch on or at least the people around you. They’ll definitely ask what’s up with you two. You’ll also get to read your friends body language. They’ll be sure to give off signs of liking the flirting or they’ll hit you with those friend zone keywords like, “Hey buddy” or “My friend is so silly.”


  • Be straight forward. Tell your friend how you feel and leave the rest up to them. They may need some time to take in what you said but just let them know it was something you wanted to put out there. It might lead to something or it might not but at least you got to say what you wanted to.


  • He/she now knows how you feel so honestly the last thing to do is make your move and see if they respond to it. I’ll admit, that just because they may kiss you and you respond with a kiss back doesn’t mean you’ve completely left the friend zone. Sometimes you go for the kiss to see if a spark is there and sadly sometimes it’s not. It’s okay just express that to your friend. I’ve been there. I’ve kissed a few of my friends that I thought maybe we could be more and once it happened I was just like oh yeah we just need to be friends because I felt nothing. Again, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Sooo, is escaping the friend zone completely impossible? Not at all. It just takes time, communication, consistency and commitment. You may just find your lifetime partner in your friend.


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