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Talk That Talk

So he just left,like 15 mins ago.He has work blah blah blah… He comes in,uses thebathroom.Then walks to my room. From his coatto my lips.We get lifted.I needed not tofeel. He consumes me.Stop. Stop,stop. Kissing my neckwith a fist full of hair.My titties in the air. Two handfulsof me.On his lap, giantlegs wide open. The… Continue reading Talk That Talk

My Life Be Like

Escaping The Friend Zone: Is It Impossible?

Ever find yourself in a situation with a man or woman that you are madly in love with or just someone you wouldn't mind exploring a future with? I'm sure we all have, BUT, what if that person put you in the friend zone before you even got the chance to explore those feelings you… Continue reading Escaping The Friend Zone: Is It Impossible?