Talk That Talk

So he just left,
like 15 mins ago.
He has work blah blah blah…

He comes in,
uses the
Then walks to my room.

From his coat
to my lips.
We get lifted.
I needed not to

He consumes me.
Stop. Stop,

Kissing my neck
with a fist full of hair.
My titties in the air.

Two handfuls
of me.
On his lap, giant
legs wide open.

The kissing
Alright now.

He picked me
up. And tossed
his weight on

My face suffocate
in the pillows
as he sits on the
back of my legs.

Scooping over to
kiss me. I
punish him.

Unbearable to
take my gift,
he cries. Consume
me right there.

He strikes my
ass and grabs it.
Echo one
thousand times.

Shredding my black
off my raw sun
risen ass.

I feel his imposing
cock. Not ready,
as one hand

The other
behind my back,
in his lock. He
steps out his

into a cloud, his
cock is stiff
and steaming.

He sucks his
fingers. Then
dip them into me.

For every
inch that l took.
I gifted a scream.

I forgot what
his dick is like.
His hands closed
my lips.

He pulled out
gently. Then dived
right back in.

It fills me up
with room left
over. He cried when
he started dancing
inside me.

With his hands
holding my throat,
and my chin in
his mouth.

I became confident.
I started to
feel myself,
I can take it now.

As the playlist played
hips where the bass.
My juice became
the rhythm as, 
we both danced.

Screaming in
confidence as my
day before makeup
still sat on my face.

I beat him
till he told me
how good l am,
just how magical
this unicorn is.

He cried holding
both my arm
behind my back.
My chin in the air.

He became a
show off. He is I.


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