“Femininity” By : Vontress Renae’

“Femininity” Her curly black hairand soft brown eyesand the smile of only an angel.Smelling of roses in the springtimeand touch as soft as silk.This woman was more than a friendbut never a lover.A quick fix maybethat aroused your inner goddess,awakening the right parts of youuntil the kiss turns into climax. Awaken from a dreamthat couldn’t … More “Femininity” By : Vontress Renae’

Lifesavers R Us

  I’ve got another story from my sophomore year in college. I had 3 other roommates in our apartment style dorm unit that year. We all had separate rooms but shared a common area and a kitchen. I had two roommates from New Orleans. Ironically, they had the same names as well. I called one … More Lifesavers R Us