An Ode to Friendship

I have been trying to write a poem about love all February and it just was not working. I was not inspired, I couldn’t tap into any old emotions, nothing. Then I started to think about the love I feel when I can sit with people in silence and just enjoy their presence. I thought of how dope it is to be sitting across someone you love both working on your goals. I thought of date nights, breaking bread, and traveling. And then this short poem finally came to me. Enjoy !

I wanna sit at the table, laugh, drink wine with ya

I wanna travel the world, lay down, spend nights with ya

I wanna chill at the crib, do nothing, just build with ya

I wanna listen to music, all vibes, just live with ya

You’re who I cry to when the world gets dark
You’re who I run to tell when the blessings start

We share the downs but we’re always up
And you know they say, once it’s up then it’s stuck

Men may go, in that we trust
But gang is forever, it’s always us


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