“Femininity” By : Vontress Renae’



Her curly black hair
and soft brown eyes
and the smile of only an angel.
Smelling of roses in the springtime
and touch as soft as silk.
This woman was more than a friend
but never a lover.
A quick fix maybe
that aroused your inner goddess,
awakening the right parts of you
until the kiss turns into climax.

Awaken from a dream
that couldn’t be your reality.
Why be judged,
ridiculed for appreciating a woman’s features?
But you lay awake in secret hoping
she will become your first teacher.


This poem was originally written for someone I had a crush on. Not so much a friend, but someone who I felt was beautiful in every way a human could be. Kind, loving, very intelligent, and yes, a woman. I have always valued the physique and make of women but SHE made me feel some type of way. The way a man made me feel — sexy — she gave me butterflies and made me hot! I had never had this feeling before and I wanted her to be my “teacher” but, of course too chicken, I maintained my friendship with her and still do to this day. Maybe one day she will get the hint, but until then I have got my eye on her!




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