I Used To Love Her: Part 8- The Truth is Painful

“You’re scaring me right now Karen,” said a frightened David.

If David didn’t know it already, Karen had officially snapped. She was going to get him and it was going to happen at all costs.

Looking around, David was truly lost to where he was, but he knew he was outside the city. As he scanned the room, he noticed a car was to his right with a car cover on it, but his attention to that mysterious car under the car cover was averted once he noticed Karen had something in her hand.

“I’m going to make sure you don’t run from me again David. Let’s take off your shoes.”

Karen took off David’s shoes and socks while she twirled a crowbar in her hand. She then put a piece of wood under his feet, with his toes halfway across the wood.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Karen took three big swings to David’s feet, bruising and battering them while David hollered out in pain.

“You like that my love?” Karen asked with a sick smile on her face.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

“How did that feel David? You’re not going to be able to run from me again.”

David writhed in pain as he was getting tortured by Karen.

“I love you David. I really do. But if this is what I have to do to make you be with me, then that’s what I will do.”

“Karen, I will be with you. Just please stop!”

Karen put down the crowbar, removed the piece of wood and then came back to kiss David. David’s feet were bleeding and bruised at this point and there was no way he was going to run from Karen, even if he wanted to. His feet were mangled. He kissed Karen back but in his mind, he was wondering what he did to deserve this punishment. He had to escape, but with no mobility, he had no choice but to do what Karen asked. As he dealt with the pain, Karen put a rag in his mouth to silence him while she went outside.

While David was writhing in pain, Marlon was just waking up. As he woke up, he noticed he was blindfolded. He could move his feet, but his hands were unable to move, as they had been bound by duct tape. He could not move and he had no idea where he was.

“Help! Help! Help!” Marlon yelled in a panicked state.

Just when he was getting ready to yell again, Marlon heard what sounded like a trunk open.

“Doesn’t feel good to not know what’s coming does it Marlon? Thought it was funny to try and give me a roofie? I got something for that.”

“Karen. I am sorry! I didn’t mean to do it!”

“Yes, you did Marlon. And for that, you shall pay. But first, you’re going to tell David what you did back in college.”

“No, Karen!”

“Yes, Marlon. There will be no hiding from this anymore.”

Karen pulled Marlon out of the trunk of her car and began to shuffle him to where David was. Karen took off Marlon’s blindfold and began to address David again.

“David, Marlon has something to tell you.”

“Don’t make me do this Karen!”

“Don’t make Karen make you do what Marlon?” David asked.

Karen then raised up her shirt to show a gun on her hip.

“You better tell him Marlon or else you’re going to be headed to where Allen is now.”

“Okay! Okay! I’ll tell him Karen. David, I slept with Marley back in college. It was a drunken mistake.”

As soon as David heard this, the vision of his Marley began to change. The woman he loved, valued and worshipped was tainted in his eyes as anger began to build inside of him.

“How did this happen, Marlon?” David asked while trying to remain calm.

“We were drinking at a party and I saw her from behind not knowing who she was. We kissed and then ended up back at my place. Karen saw us.”

At that point, David realized his perfect Marley wasn’t so perfect. The woman he loved had held on to something that would have hurt him so deeply. She may have cared for him, but she was a liar. And beyond her lie, Marlon had been hanging with him this entire time and had not said a word.

“Untie my hands Karen and give me the gun.”

“David, as much as I would like to give you the gun to do what you want to do to Marlon, I cannot do that. However, I can shoot him for you.”

Karen proceeded to pull out her gun and shoot Marlon in his right shoulder. Marlon fell to the ground and without his hands free to help get him up, he just laid there in pain as his shoulder bled.

“You earned that one Marlon. If Karen would have let me shoot you, I would have shot you in your heart because you broke mine.”

“I’m sorry David. I’m sorry,” said Marlon as he laid on the ground.

“No time for being sorry now. And to think, I thought you were my friend.”

David’s feet were still in pain, but the pain in his heart was deflecting the attention away from his feet.

“Well, time to go, David. Time to head back to our apartment.”

“Where are we anyway Karen? Are we still in New York?”

“Yes, David. This is my parent’s house. The barn that nobody really sees that’s off the road.”

“And whose car is that over there? I have been wondering that ever since I woke up.”

“Well David, I will tell you about that when we get back to my apartment.”

David was still trying to figure out in his mind whose car that was, but in the meantime, he did not have a choice when it came to going with Karen. She untied David’s hands, handed him a set of crutches and they slowly moved to her vehicle while Marlon was laying there in the floor of the barn.

While he was lying there, he noticed there was a difference in the dirt on the floor in one spot of the room. It seemed as if there was a door in the bottom of the barn. Marlon looked around for something or anything to cut through the tape. As he looked around, he noticed a shovel laying across the room on the floor with a pointed edge to it. If he could get over to it, then he could free his hands and find out what was under the floor. As painful as it was and with as much time as it took, Marlon scooted on the floor over to the shovel. And as he positions himself around the shovel, he sawed and sawed until the tape broke from around his hands. At this point, he could use his left arm to get himself up. He was still in pain, but he needed to know what else lied beneath his feet.

Marlon made his way over to the door in the barn floor and opened it and what he would find would blow his mind.  There was a secret room under the floor of that barn apparently and it held some secrets. Marlon climbed down the ladder and discovered a room that had pictures of David everywhere, but what was even creepier were the pictures of David with Marley with Marley’s head cut out of them. Then he noticed some words on the wall that had a familiar date to them. The words read “My time has come” right by the date on the wall and Marlon immediately noticed the date was the day Marley was found dead in her and David’s apartment. He also noticed that there were some black clothes there and they seemed to have some glass in them still. Marlon’s eyes got big as saucers. Could it be that Karen was the person who killed Marley? It only made sense.

Marlon grabbed the clothes and took pictures of the room with his cellphone before struggling back up the ladder and up to the barn. He then had to figure out how to get back to the city from Karen’s parent’s barn. Then it hit him, the car. He went to uncover the car and then he noticed the car almost immediately. It was David’s car.

“Karen, you’ve been up to no good,” Marlon muttered to himself as he pulled the cover off the car.

The keys were hanging on the wall and Marlon grabbed them. He zoomed back to town while calling Detective Mitchell on his cell phone.

“Detective Mitchell. I need to tell you something. I think I know who murdered Marley Sundance. I will be at the station in fifteen minutes with evidence.”

As Marlon was headed to the police station, Karen was just getting David in her apartment.

“Welcome home.”

As she led him to the room, he noticed there was something poking out of her closet.

“What’s that Karen?”

David got no response from Karen so he poked the closet with his crutches. And to his surprise, two dead bodies fell on the floor.

“Karen! What have you done?!”





One thought on “I Used To Love Her: Part 8- The Truth is Painful

  1. Nobody got killed on this episode but it is the wildest one, yet. Karen shows once again that she won’t stop at ah to get what she want, turns out David is capable of murder even if she did not get to kill Marlon this time, and Marlon aka the weak link might actually turn out to be the savior now that he has seemingly figured out Karen’s old secret. And then, there are the bodies of the parents in the closet… So much going on. Part 9 can’t come soon enough 😆


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