Tywan Taylor is Damien AKA. Stalker Bae, in Reckless Behavior


BAY AREA, CA— Oakland native Tywan Taylor will play Damien Butler, the primary love interest and stalker of the main character Michaela Holloway in Reckless Behavior The Series. Some of his past projects include short films by the name of “A Better Life” and “False Flagging”. In False Flagging, he plays the character of Malcolm, who is motivated to do anything he has to in order to gain his spot in a gang. He later runs into two comic book nerds pretending to be other gang members, whom he intimidates throughout the rest of the film. In A Better Life, he plays the character of Tommy, a big-time dreamer living in the hood who takes a trip to the corner store with his friend, whose all about the streets. During this trip to the store, a violent event takes place and one of the friends does not return home.

Taylor has been acting for two years now and what inspired him is the amazing ability one has to influence and impact a vast amount of people. He loves the idea that he gets to express another person’s look on the world through an art such as acting.

Regarding his role as Damien Butler, Taylor said,

“Sometimes love isn’t what it seems. From the outside looking in, it may seem like those who are made to look like the most sane/innocent person in the relationship is the one who loves more when in reality it’s the opposite.” Make sure to tune in on the love Damien conveys because his love is a truth that no one understands, not even Ms. Holloway…

In addition to acting, Taylor works at a movie theater, exercises, and attends college at Cal State East Bay in Hayward, CA. In his spare time he likes to watch shows and movies to study what makes the Greats so great.

To stay updated on Reckless Behavior The Series and for all the behind the scenes moments prior to the show’s release in January 2020, make sure you follow @Queenmediacollective and Tywan Taylor @auth3ntici_ty  on Instagram.


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