Intersextional Thinking: Committed to Pride!

Hey my loves! Happy Pride to Black trans-women first, then my fellow Black lesbians, and everybody else too! Most years, Pride Month would ignite a bunch of memories about coming out but this year is different. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been waking up feeling gay gay (shoutowt to my Fiancé) or because … More Intersextional Thinking: Committed to Pride!

How Digital Activism Campaigns Build Community

Digital activism campaigns are an effective means of protest in our modern-day society. These campaigns are beneficial in rebuilding communities and providing a circle of support. Thousands of young TikTok users and Kpop fans were given credit the small Tulsa turnout. On June 20th, 2020, Trump appeared in Tulsa to what was expected to be … More How Digital Activism Campaigns Build Community

“Femininity” By : Vontress Renae’

“Femininity” Her curly black hairand soft brown eyesand the smile of only an angel.Smelling of roses in the springtimeand touch as soft as silk.This woman was more than a friendbut never a lover.A quick fix maybethat aroused your inner goddess,awakening the right parts of youuntil the kiss turns into climax. Awaken from a dreamthat couldn’t … More “Femininity” By : Vontress Renae’

Candidate Profile: Pete Buttigieg

Background: Born in South Bend, Indiana 37 years old Majored in History and Literature at Harvard University President of Harvard’s Institute of Policy Student Advisory Committee Resume: Naval Intelligence officer 2009-2017 Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (2012-present) Youngest Mayor in South Bend History Pros: In favor of universal background checks Wants to end the electoral … More Candidate Profile: Pete Buttigieg

Transformation Through Intentional Identity Exploration and Education

Although it is challenging for others to engage in difficult conversations about race, imagine how I feel on a day-to-day basis. I cannot speak for all people of color, but I don’t have a choice about when I can turn on or off my racial sensors. As a young Black woman born and raised in … More Transformation Through Intentional Identity Exploration and Education