The Truth of Being: Black and Bisexual

We’re women capable of conquering the world. We’re magical beyond what the mind can fathom. So why should our sexuality diminish our value? During my adulthood I’ve been crowned with many labels as our society sees fit. Millennial. College educated. Mentor. Each word describes a piece of who I am or what I’m capable of achieving. However, the silence is deafening when I mention bisexual. Being bisexual is a valid part of who I am. Its just as significant as any other label I’ve been given. My sexuality doesn’t change the fact that I like genuine connections. Nor does it change the level of respect that I’m deserving of.

Sexuality is as fluid as the blood that flows through our veins. It isn’t an obsolete idea that needs approval from the masses. Bisexuality is valid. It holds the same value as any other part of the LGBTQ+ community. That B is a representation of real people…like me. We aren’t selfish for our preferences, and we aren’t confused. Also, a relationship status with one sex doesn’t invalidate our attraction to the other. However, my sexuality isn’t a access granted pass for the male ego. My preference is in no way a “green light” for your sexual fantasies. It’s demeaning for anyone to prioritize their desires at the cost of someone else. It also doesn’t justify my character as an individual. No, I’m not sexually promiscuous, easy, or any other word you may use. No, I don’t want special privileges for my preference. I just want the world to know we’re real, powerful, and valid. No matter who’s hand we’re holding or who we love.


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