I’ve learned a lot in the year of 2019. One important thing that stood out this year is acceptance. I’ve learned how to accept energy and control it. Learning how to accept your own flaws and mistakes can do a lot for you spiritually and mentally. As a 21 year old black woman, I’m learning more and more about myself. I’m learning how to love myself and put myself first.

I’ve learned how to respect myself as a woman and also how to forgive people and move forward. There’s so many things we learn daily as we grow.

Ladies first off, I would like to say cutting off toxic behavior is not a bad thing neither is acknowledging our own toxic traits and correcting them. We dislike toxic behavior fully, but we do not admit to our own toxic traits.

Accepting that heartbreak for what it was is not a bad thing, every relationship is different. Everyone who comes into your life is not necessarily “bad” or “good” take every experience as an learning experience.

Removal is important, removing yourself from people that mean you no good is absolutely fine. Sometimes we have to accept that certain individuals are no good for us.

Last but not least, LOVE YOURSELF! Never be afraid to accept love from yourself. You can’t love anyone more than you love yourself which is something I’m still learning. Nobody is gonna love YOU the way YOU love yourself.

Queens I hope you received this message as a awakening. Acceptance is the key.


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