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  I've learned a lot in the year of 2019. One important thing that stood out this year is acceptance. I've learned how to accept energy and control it. Learning how to accept your own flaws and mistakes can do a lot for you spiritually and mentally. As a 21 year old black woman, I'm… Continue reading Acceptance

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I Know My Rights, But What Good Is It When The Police Can Violate Them?

  Every day in America the police continue to violate the rights of black and brown people. It’s quite disturbing how they can casually shoot and violate the rights of our community without any consequences. Day after day, more stories come out with obvious wrong-doings by the police but nothing is done and there is… Continue reading I Know My Rights, But What Good Is It When The Police Can Violate Them?

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Childhood Trauma “Part I”

Wow, I haven’t wrote a legit paper since college so bare with me! However, I continuously write poetry about love, lust, sex, racial issues, women’s empowerment, etcetera. Today we are going to focus on childhood traumas specifically in the black community. It’s a touchy subject that many black people know all to well in our… Continue reading Childhood Trauma “Part I”

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Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend

On Sunday March 31st, community leader, entrepreneur and rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of his Marathon Clothing Store in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles. Nipsey was LA’s self-made legend who crafted his own space into the music industry, business and philanthropy by living by the “G Code”, or honoring the code of… Continue reading Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend

My Life Be Like

The Misconceptions Between the “Baby Mama” and “Baby Daddy”

Being a mother, I have experienced my fair share of issues. Me and my older children’s father were young and still children ourselves when we had our kids. So many fights, disagreements on parenting styles and then the family. LORD the family feuds back and forth. Until one day I gave up! I told myself… Continue reading The Misconceptions Between the “Baby Mama” and “Baby Daddy”

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Cutting Ties With the Ex

Lets just start with LEAVE YOUR EX AT THE DOOR! And let me explain to you why. That person is not in your life for a reason. Whether it be constant fighting or arguing. Maybe some infidelities or even the fact that they just didn’t grow with you as a person. Either way it goes… Continue reading Cutting Ties With the Ex


Why Some Men Are Pigs

Hey guys! I hate that this has to be my first post of the new year, but it is what it is. Last night at around 8 p.m. I went to the gas station near my house. I had like a quarter tank, but I decided to be proactive and fill up so I didn't… Continue reading Why Some Men Are Pigs