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My Sexuality isn’t a Phase

I’m an educated bisexual African American millennial. However of all the titles I just used, you only question one—my sexuality. Some part of you needs validation for why I require both sexes for sexual satisfaction. Your mind wonders if I’m just sexually promiscuous, or if someone took advantage of me at an early age. You… Continue reading My Sexuality isn’t a Phase

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Are UNICORNS Special?

Even as a "SEXPERT," which I say loosely, I had no idea what the HELL "Unicorn Sex" was. According to our research, a unicorn is a woman that enjoys having intercourse with couples in prearranged threesomes. "Oh, I can write about that," I thought once I found out what it was.But to be candid, I… Continue reading Are UNICORNS Special?

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The Truth of Being: Black and Bisexual

We’re women capable of conquering the world. We’re magical beyond what the mind can fathom. So why should our sexuality diminish our value? During my adulthood I’ve been crowned with many labels as our society sees fit. Millennial. College educated. Mentor. Each word describes a piece of who I am or what I’m capable of… Continue reading The Truth of Being: Black and Bisexual

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Monogamy or Polygamy? Part III

Wow, thank you for reading my last article on monogamy or polygamy! I was focused on these relationships with two women and one man; however, I’m going to show the ladies some love throughout this article. I will talk about the pros and cons of these relationships, and if two men and one woman can… Continue reading Monogamy or Polygamy? Part III

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Storytime With Sky- Finally Me: Coming Out Story

Everyone's story is different. Some people have it hard coming out to their families and friends. Finding yourself has got to be one of the most difficult hurdles in your life. But you're 100% true to yourself, you'll feel so much free. When I was about fourteen years old, I had my first girl crush.… Continue reading Storytime With Sky- Finally Me: Coming Out Story