Lets Go In On Religion


Before we get into this, I want to start off by saying that I am NOT Atheist. That being said, I’m about to tell ya’ll why you should stray away from any religion and embrace a more spiritual view on God. The more I do research on this particular subject, the more I see that a lot of people have actually strayed from what the good book is actually saying. Most people don’t even know what is in the scriptures they believe in with every fiber of their being. I’ve been in churches where the pastor or priest or whatever you want to call them, make their own interpretations of what the bible says. People have committed egregious acts in the name of religion; homicide, suicide, genocide etc.


First and foremost, the bible is not up for interpretation, sure you have to study it to really get a better understanding for it, and you would assume that most priests would have studied theology (not saying that I have), from what I can see a lot of these so called “men of god” do not even practice what they preach. Perfect example, Joel Osteen punk ass, when hurricane Harvey hit Texas, he lied to the public and said his mega church was flooded and he couldn’t house anyone. On top of that, when he finally did open up because of all the backlash, he didn’t give out all of the donations people were sending to the affected individuals in that area.

There is another pastor named Jesse Duplantis who is actually asking his congregation for a 54-million-dollar jet, even though he already owns three. However sad that is, he isn’t the first one this year to ask. And the people when he asked all cheered like, “yeah you need this jet pastor!” My goodness, how long can people remain to be sheep? These churches created the “hell” that you are so afraid of, it never says in the bible about hell. Not only that but the bible has been altered since its creation and books have been taken out completely that don’t further the churches agenda.

Lets also talk about these pictures of Jesus Christ. He had no description, because it doesn’t matter what he looks like, that was the point of him being here. He wanted to show us a path to love, that we need to help those of us who haven’t found his father. Most of ya’ll will look at a homeless and see nothing but a worthless bum not worthy of your gaze.

untitled (the picture of Jesus inspired by Cesare Borgia)

It perplexes me how you can still support these churches who lie and deceive you and who are just wicked. How can you have multiple priests in the catholic church molesting little boys every day, and you still continue to be in the same faith as them? Ya’ll just eat up everything these people do and say also, every time there is a new pope the whole world goes ballistic like he isn’t in the same faith as these child molesting priest. People think that the devil takes hold of people makes them do horrible things. I’m sorry to burst your little bubble, but God gave us one of the most precious gifts imaginable, freewill. We squander that gift every day with our actions of jealousy and anger, having these feelings isn’t what makes it bad, its when you decide to let these emotions take hold of you and you act out on them that it hurts your soul. You have to be the one to want to change how you view the world and the people and the creatures of the land that come with it.

I believe people are only religious to get into heaven. Now hear me out, how many of ya’ll when you were younger, did something good because you knew your parents were going to reward you or during Christmas you only start to be good during that month because of the presents? Well I believe the same concept can be said to religious folks and getting into heaven. You aren’t good because you genuinely want to help better men and women alike, you only do it for the benefits of the afterlife. Let me elaborate on what I mean, you try manipulating the system by saying a prayer or going to confession and getting your sins absolved, when in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter unless you put it in your heart to be a good person. You can’t shake your ass on Saturday and do all kinds of drugs or get into fights and then think on Sunday all will be good. Being good isn’t a demand, it’s a choice, God gave you freewill, and with that you can be a decent person or a shitty person its all up to you, stop blaming the devil for the bad that happens to you or if YOU decide to fuck up. This world was given to us, his favorite creation, we can make this world an actual heaven on earth if we learn to love ourselves first and then spread that love to every thing we come in contact.





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