Hidden Gems

My Sister, My Inspiration: Brely Evans

Living out your dreams is something we tend to put a timestamp on. Thinking that if a goal isn't accomplished by a certain age or date it's time to give it up when really it's the time to take a step back, refocus and re-evaluate. Oakland Native, Brely Evans, is the prime example of a… Continue reading My Sister, My Inspiration: Brely Evans

My Life Be Like

Going Against the Status Quo

We all dream of the day we can go after our dreams in life but for a lot of us, that is just how far it goes. How many of us take action to move closer to our desires? Do we let fear stop us? Complacency? Often we get caught up with life responsibilities and… Continue reading Going Against the Status Quo

Go Awf!

Lets Go In On Religion

Before we get into this, I want to start off by saying that I am NOT Atheist. That being said, I’m about to tell ya’ll why you should stray away from any religion and embrace a more spiritual view on God. The more I do research on this particular subject, the more I see that… Continue reading Lets Go In On Religion