Monogamy or Polygamy? Part II

    Thank you for reading my first article on monogamy or polygamy. I’m excited to dive into some juicy topics in this article! Should polygamy be accepted amongst black Americans? That is a touchy subject that I will dive into. I would say yes, but others might think otherwise. Is monogamy outdated in our generation? I’m not completely sure, however I do see how some might think it is. Divorce rates are high, and black children are growing up in single parent households all over the United States. Now for the last topic (which is controversial); can polygamy solve people’s monogamous relationship problems, or are certain issues bigger than simply who you’re involved with?

    Should polygamy be accepted amongst black Americans? I’m going to say yes it should be because we are continuously evolving in this society! Black millennials specifically think differently than their older counterparts; and would be more open to this lifestyle. However, I know not all black folks would agree with this sentiment. I believe these types of relationships could possibly lower infidelity in black households. Instead of cheating in a monogamous relationship, maybe one could focus on who they’re with in a polygamous relationship. Where one person falls off, another person could pick up the slack if you will. I know I will get some flack from the above statements, but hey I don’t see cheating and divorced rates going down anytime soon.

    Another reason why polygamy should be accepted amongst black Americans is because many black people are already secretly living these lifestyles. Instead of sleeping around, spreading diseases, and hurting people in the process; why not be open about who you are? I’ve seen numerous people live these lives in secret, but someone will always get hurt in the process. However, if folks were open with who they were sleeping around with, dating, etcetera, then it would save people from a lot of heartache. However, I do understand that everyone doesn’t have the same maturity level; so maybe I’m asking for too much. At the end of the day I stated my stance on it.

    Is monogamy outdated in our generation? I’m going to speak for millennials, and say yes it is definitely outdated. We are some progressive thinkers, and monogamy simply isn’t cutting it for a lot of people for some reason. The rise of side “bitches”, and side “niggas” has seen an increase in recent times which is quite sad. The problem I see with my generation is that people crave to live a polygamous lifestyle, but they’re lying to who they’re with to conceal their true intentions. I’m not saying monogamous relationships can’t exist, but they seem to be going extinct in our generation.

    Our generation is past the days of traditional relationships. Most folks want to have their cake and eat it too. I mean cake is quite delicious, why not have it and eat it too? Some would say that people who want to live these lifestyles are selfish, and simply going against tradition. However I would argue that they are simply adapting to the times, and repeating some forms of “tradition” from the past. Is monogamy outdated in our generation? I’ll let you come to your own conclusion.

    I know your minds are racing right now, but hold on there’s more. Can polygamy solve people’s monogamous relationship problems? I’m going to say yes and no depending on the situation. Yes it can solve their relationship problems if they’re in need of variety in their sex lives, added support, and different perspectives in their relationship. No it won’t solve their relationship problems; especially if one of the people in the relationship secretly wants to be single, is not open minded, and wants a variety of partners that are not subjugated to one or two people. So it really depends on the couple, and what their lacking/wanting to gain in their relationship.

    This will most likely end the series of Monogamy or Polygamy unless people would like to do an article/interview. I would interview a few people on their opinions on these matters and include it in the next article. If you’d be interested in giving me a piece of your mind “not literally” then shoot me a DM on Instagram @evinscam or @camevins. I appreciate all of you who have read my articles so far. I’m excited to keep writing, and reaching other individuals.



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