The Past Lives- Part 8: It’s A Family Affair

“I’ve been wanting to get you for a long time Janet,” said Patricia with a sick grin on her face.

The cold steel of her gun was up against the side of Janet’s head and Janet was wondering why she had not pulled the trigger yet.

“Are you going to do this or not Patricia? You said you wanted to kill me, so what are you waiting on?” said Janet.

“I wanted Dr. Steve Morris to meet the women behind my misery. After all, he helped me find both of you together tonight. I love you Steve.” said Patricia as she smiled Dr. Morris on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Dr. Morris, who had never really held a gun before, blew a kiss at Patricia but was getting increasingly worried about the night.

“Are we going to kill them right now or not Patricia? We have to get out of here.”

“We’re going to kill them, but first I want them to have to make a choice and feel some of the misery I felt. Some of the loss that I felt over my lifetime. Janet, keep your hands on the steering wheel where I can see them. Steve, would you kindly get this gentleman out of the car and put him in the trunk?”

Dr. Morris followed instructions, pointing the gun at Jude, getting him out of the car and putting him in the trunk.

“Steve, get Jewel out of the car. Janet, get out of the car now and no funny business. I will kill you.”

Both Dr. Morris and Patricia got Janet and Jewel out of the car. All the while, the only thing Jude could hear was voices and footsteps.

“We’re going to play a game tonight ladies. Both of you will not survive it. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to have a survival of the fittest tonight. In one corner it will be you Janet. And in the other corner it will be you Jewel. Both of you will fight to the finish. And just for good measure, if one of you decides you aren’t going to fight, then I will kill that one dead on the spot.”

“Jesus Patricia! Do you know how many people are in this complex? We cannot do that.” said Dr. Morris.

“I can do anything I want Steve,” said Patricia. “I owe these two spoiled brats. They messed up my life twice, so they have earned this. One will have the chance to escape potentially, but that may not even happen because I’ve been drinking and I could shoot one of you during your fight.”

“Patricia, at least let’s take them in the alley around the corner. No one will see us then.”

Patricia reluctantly agreed and Dr. Morris and Patricia escorted Janet and Jewel towards the alley.

“Now I don’t care if both of you like each other or not, I want to see who wants to live and who wants to die. Maybe one of you all will suffer loss like I did.”

“Janet, why did you seduce Ryan? Was that part of your plan?” said Jewel.

“I had to get him to Jude somehow and that was the only way I could think of.” said Janet.

“I didn’t like that at all that I had to find out from Ryan right before I killed him Janet.”

As soon as Jewel said what she had to say, she charged at Janet with a fiery passion in here eyes.

Janet was prepared for her though, as he ducked under her right cross and hit Jewel with a left that left her dazed.

“You really going to fight me over some dude that set up your previous boyfriend to die?” said Janet.

“You know how much I don’t like being lied to Janet and you were supposed to be my sister.”

“Well how did I know you were dating him? I just knew what Jude told me and how was he supposed to know we were sisters?”

While this arguing was going on between Jewel and Janet, Jude was still locked in the trunk, wondering if he was going to run out of air before someone came to get him out of that trunk. All the while, all he could hear was silence.

Meanwhile, Janet and Jewel continued to slug it out and Patricia was loving every minute of it.

“Keep it up ladies. I love it. You both are bringing me so much joy.”

Both Janet and Jewel were getting tired and bloodied from trading haymakers, but neither was going to give up.

Dr. Morris was watching and staying out of the way, but he was nervous that someone would catch them and kept looking up the alley.  The nervousness was starting to make him shake as he adjusted his glasses with his hand while holding his gun in that same hand.

” You ready to give in yet,” said Janet.

“Never giving in to you Janet.’

“Well I guess you want me to beat you to a bloody pulp them Jewel.”

Janet grabbed Jewel by her hair and flung her into the brick wall in the alley, collapsing her to the ground.

Janet did not want to do this, but she did not want to die either and she was going to do all she had to in order to survive.  She picked up a trash can and slammed it over her sister’s head all the while trying to fight back the tears of having to do this.

“Are you all enjoying yourselves now? I sure am.” said Patricia with a big grin from ear to ear.

Janet and Jewel pummeling themselves was amusement for her.

“Ladies, I have seen enough. Great fighting by both of you, but I have to declare a winner and that winner is me.”

Both Janet and Jewel, bloodied from the fight, could not understand how Patricia was the winner and stared at her with confused looks on their faces.

” You know that talk of one of you surviving? That was a lie. I planned to kill both of you all along. I just wanted to see you both pound on each other for a while. Truly great stuff ladies, but you both have to die now.”

Patricia got her gun ready, as Janet and Jewel had nowhere to run to. The alley was a dead end. Dr. Morris wiped his brow one more time with the gun in his hand and at the same time, a loud shot rang.

Back in the trunk, Jude heard the noise and commotion, but had no idea what was going on. He heard the first shot and then heard another and another as he began to wonder what was going on outside and if he was next.

As he was thinking about scenarios, he heard someone messing with the trunk lock and opening it. There stood someone with a familiar voice.

“Get out of the trunk. It’s time to go.”





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