Little Brown Boy


This one time in 2020… I had to tell my son about his chocolate skin in America… How his skin is so dark he might be mistaken for a monkey or a hoodlum. How his big natural curly afro can be offensive to some people with no melanin in their skin. How to keep his hands where a white cop can see them and how to channel his anger into peace and cooperation so that he can come back home every time he goes out. I had to eat pure dirt in front of him so he wouldn’t be afraid of the earth that we all come from. I had to show him how to use his big strong hands to protect all women his color and every other color of the rainbow. How to use his voice for reasoning and effectively communicating with others. Little black boy play with your white friends and your black friends, too. Love them both as equals. Know that you are a king. Know that l have taught you how to love everyone inclusively. Know that your skin is hated because it shines so fucking bright. Know that you were never to walk with your head down or complain about things not being fair if you never tried to do anything to change it. Remember that you were not expected to change the world I only ask that you start with yourself and your community. Little black boy in America, l love you so much.


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