To care, or not to care?

That is the question, or so it may seem

One who boasts of an eye that’s ever-watching

But possesses an ignorance that’s so mean

The most inactive, entitled, hypocritical

Person that you’ve ever seen

Driven by fear, selfishness and loathing…

Or something deeper in between

Uninformed, unaware, unbothered

Or just down right fucking blind

Only caring and concerned

When things affect their own kind

When the glass is half empty

It could be full in their mind

Putting their self-satisfaction at the forefront

While the morals and values get left behind

No matter the pain or evil, seen or heard

They will never think to act

More open and receptive to a tainted narrative

Than accepting of logic and fact

In their own little bubble of faux happiness

Fueled by the supremacy pact

Once complacency becomes a staple

Humanity will never make its way back.


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