Everything is her fault; she’s the cause of all of this hurt and pain that comes her way. Don’t blame it on him he’s just an innocent soul on the outside looking in.

There’s no way all of those emotions of love, hate and confusion are being caused by him. He didn’t get her in this situation, she did it all herself.

After all she’s the girl that never needs anyone’s help.

So blame it on her for the lies he tells and the women he entertains.

I’m sure she knew what she was getting into the day she seen his face. That charming personality and beautiful chocolate skin. That gorgeous smile and slick tongue of his that wheeled all the ladies in.

Blame it on her for being so unseeing.

She should have been able to grasp the type of man he was the moment she looked in his eyes.

So they blame it on her and say, “Better luck next time.”