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How HTGAWM taught me the fragility of black women.

Black women are expected to be a few things, except soft or fragile. We are given expectations for our life long before we even discover who we are. For years, black women have been labeled as “hard to handle”, “difficult to work with”, or even the five letter curse word that references a female dog.… Continue reading How HTGAWM taught me the fragility of black women.

My Life Be Like

TSS – “She’s To Blame”

Everything is her fault; she’s the cause of all of this hurt and pain that comes her way. Don’t blame it on him he’s just an innocent soul on the outside looking in. There’s no way all of those emotions of love, hate and confusion are being caused by him. He didn’t get her in… Continue reading TSS – “She’s To Blame”

My Life Be Like

The She Series – “Forward, Never Back”

Hello and welcome back to another installment of The She Series. I hope you've missed me and if you're new to this segment be sure to check out a few of my previous posts. The She Series is me taking you a little deeper into my entries from my books, The Diary of She Vol.… Continue reading The She Series – “Forward, Never Back”

My Life Be Like

I don’t Feel Like Being Strong Today (When the strong one needs a break)

  I have always been known to be the backbone of those around me ; Shoot even strangers. Everyone I have ever encountered has always been drawn to me for the person that I am at heart. They want to pour their hearts out to me, tell me how their day is going but most… Continue reading I don’t Feel Like Being Strong Today (When the strong one needs a break)


Long Distance Relationships

If someone asked me my opinion about long distance relationships a couple years ago my response would have been different than my response today. At this point in life, I have seen some long distance relationships fail and some succeed. I have been the shoulder to cry on when people have discovered infidelities and lies… Continue reading Long Distance Relationships


That Time I Stood Up For Myself

Hey everyone!  This blog is a little different than my usual ones: I wrote this for . It is a little more personal than I usually get so please enjoy: As tears came to my eyes, I balled my fists and cleared my throat. I couldn’t take it anymore; “Listen to me, you can… Continue reading That Time I Stood Up For Myself