The She Series – “Forward, Never Back”

Hello and welcome back to another installment of The She Series. I hope you’ve missed me and if you’re new to this segment be sure to check out a few of my previous posts. The She Series is me taking you a little deeper into my entries from my books, The Diary of She Vol. I & II. Today we’ll be getting into my poem “Forward, Never Back.

It didn’t matter how strong I was.
At times, I felt like I was going to break.
I learned to pick up the pieces.
I learned to keep moving forward.
I may have felt defeated, but
It didn’t stop me.

Forward, Never Back

During the time I was putting together my book, The Diary of She, I felt like I was going through a lot when it came to trying to find myself and my purpose. I spent so much time in my head, feeling as if I’d never be good enough for a man, a friendship, my job and anything I was involved in. Because everyone looked at me as this strong woman, no one bothered asking how I was truly doing and I didn’t bother offering up the information, but inside I was crumbling. I felt like I was losing little pieces of me every other day and I wasn’t sure how to put those pieces back together. Through my journey of trying to put myself back together and find myself as a woman, I had to tell myself it’s okay to look back but not on things and people that are keeping me stuck there. I had to tell myself to let go of all the negative thoughts and continue to stay positive even on days I don’t want to. With life comes disappointment and setbacks but it’s on us to keep moving forward and stop looking back on what could have been or should have. At some point you have to focus on what’s in front of you and how to fix whatever is going wrong in that moment. It may not be the fix you are looking for but it’s always a way to get over something that’s tearing you apart.

So, a reminder to you and myself… we must continue to move forward and don’t look back!


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