Written In Melanin, A Podcast That Brings Awareness to Black Storytellers


Last month I was honored to be featured on Written in Melanin’s Podcast. Written in Melanin is a company that was created to help bring awareness to black authors and creators.  I wasn’t aware of this illustrious brand until one of my fellow QMC writers Mike Patton made the connection and I’m so grateful that he did. We have now become sister organizations and the brand’s founder Chelsea (C.E. Benson) is now the Managing Editor of Queen Media Collective.

According to Chelsea, “Written in Melanin Publishing came into existence during the spring of 2019 because I felt there wasn’t enough representation to be found on bookshelves. I’m a black woman and I have always struggled to find books with main characters who look like me that are represented in a positive light. I know that those books exist (especially more as I’ve gotten older!) and I feel they should be front and center — not a search and find.”

If you know me, you know that I can be a little shy. I was REALLY nervous about my interview with Written In Melanin and I became even more nervous when I realized that it would be a video interview. I thought the interview would only be audio so my make up wasn’t done and I was comfortably in bed. I wasn’t mentally prepared for a video interview at all, but I knew I had to gather myself and get ready, because this was the time we had scheduled and it was happening.

Once the interview began and I started talking to Chelsea and her co- host Ashley D., my nerves quickly vanished. These ladies were SO DOPE and down to earth that by the end of the interview, I felt like I made two new friends. We talked about Queen Media Collective and Reckless Behavior The Series, but we also got to discuss other topics such as astrology, finances and college. They were so professional, yet welcoming, which made it easy for me to relax and get comfortable. The chemistry was strong so we naturally digressed throughout the conversation, but ultimately it didn’t even feel like an interview, I felt like I was sitting on the couch talking to my girls. 

I really appreciate Written In Melanin, because it gives writers and creatives of color a voice that we’ve fought to have for so long. To create a podcast where black people all over the world can share their work and discuss their journeys is absolutely brilliant and necessary. In addition to their podcast, Written In Melanin also offers affordable editing services. The editing services include copy, line, developmental editing and book formatting.

Make sure you head to the Written In Melanin website now to listen to an engaging podcast with phenomenal black creatives and follow Written In Melanin on Instagram and Twitter for live updates!

Interested in being on the Podcast? DM @WrittenNMelanin on Instagram or Twitter or email C. E. Benson at CEBenson@WrittenInMelanin.com


2 thoughts on “Written In Melanin, A Podcast That Brings Awareness to Black Storytellers

    1. Girl no problem! I really appreciate the opportunity that you gave me and continue to give so many others. Keep shining your light Queen, it’s definitely not unnoticed 😘 ✨


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