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Side Baby: Could You Accept Your Significant Others?

If you haven't watched the season finale of Insecure I suggest you ignore this article until you finish the season. If you've had the chance to enjoy all the drama, keep on reading because baby do I have some shit to say. First of all I'm going to start off with, WE ALL SEEN IT… Continue reading Side Baby: Could You Accept Your Significant Others?

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Love, the verb

Call this a song, a poem. Just be sure to put love in front.  You’ve been with me through all my different hairstyles  I still remember when I made sure to wear mascara whenever we were together  Then I stopped  You didn’t notice the difference  Thirteen years later and I’m so thankful that smile is… Continue reading Love, the verb

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This obsession has to stop, it's no longer cute or affectionate. The late night calls and random text. Your feelings of entitlement to my body is causing me stress. Your harassment isn't love, your eyes bring fear to my heart now. Your hands shadow over my mouth every time I try to scream. This body… Continue reading Mine

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The She Series – “Personally”

Hey Y'all!!! Welcome back to another segment of The She Series, with me Sydney Reneé. If you're new to the blog, The She Series is a look into my poetry books The Diary of She Vol. I & II.  Today I wanted to do something a tad bit different. A while back I had a… Continue reading The She Series – “Personally”

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My eyes are tired from wrestling with my dreams at night, my body's weary from fighting all the demons creeping their way inside. My soul, it's wounded from all the secrets I know, but I can't give up now, I gotta go with the flow. My mind is racing with thoughts of all my struggle… Continue reading Flow

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Valentine’s Day for The Single Woman

Valentine's Day; a day of love, gifts and a ton of memes/quotes about how everyday should be Valentine's Day with your significant other. It has never been my favorite holiday and probably never will be when it comes to celebrating "love," and trust me, it's not because I'm single. Up until three years ago, I… Continue reading Valentine’s Day for The Single Woman

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Scared of My Own Potential.

Growing up I was always the shy kid, never really spoke unless spoken to and even then; I was often afraid to really say how I felt. I was never confident I could make the right decision and I never accept the things I was passionate about that would help me grow as a woman… Continue reading Scared of My Own Potential.