This obsession has to stop, it’s no longer cute or affectionate.

The late night calls and random text.

Your feelings of entitlement to my body is causing me stress.

Your harassment isn’t love, your eyes bring fear to my heart now.

Your hands shadow over my mouth every time I try to scream.

This body is mine, it’s not here to bring you comfort in your sick wet dreams.

It seems protecting myself from my lover is the only way to feel safe.

Keeping the things I want to share with you, away from you, locked in a safe place.

I used to want to please you in every way, being submissive is now a thing of the past.

Your aggression towards my resistance is getting stronger and I don’t know how much

longer this lust affair can last.

What am I fighting for?

Because you’re the one that I expected to.




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