The NCAA: Still Pimpin’ Hard

A pimp is someone who works without working.  Mostly known as a person who creeps in the shadows, a pimp keeps up with the time and place where his employees, named prostitutes, are to set up and make things happen. For every single prostitute, there is a quota that has to be reached and if that quota isn’t reached, there’s consequences to be had. Some end violently while others end in embarrassment, but overall the pimp has all the power while doing literally none of the work. The NCAA isn’t exactly a creature of the night like a pimp is, but in how they run their business, you can definitely say they are pimping the students in collegiate sports.

These days, collegiate sports is a multi-million dollar business. For example, March Madness has been huge for the NCAA. This year according to CNBC, the NCAA made as much as $800 million off the backs of 68 teams being televised playing collegiate basketball and that money does not even include the ticket sales and concession stand numbers… How much money do you think the actual players playing get? The answer is nothing. For all the effort they put out game in and game out, they don’t see a penny for any of the hard work they’re putting in. Some will say it’s a fair trade because they are getting a scholarship for school, there are signs pointing to it not really being a fair deal at all in collegiate sports.

Another example of the unfair treatment of collegiate athletes is in football. The value of a collegiate football scholarship in 2017-18 was on average $36,070 per year according to NCAA If you multiply that total times 88 players, which was the average amount of players on scholarship in major college football, that totals to $3,174,160 in scholarships on the field. We all know college football makes millions upon millions for their universities each and every year. Unfortunately, when it comes to paying athletes, they continue to get nothing from the piece of the pie.

So while the NCAA is advertising players jerseys without their names on them (and we all know who the players are even without the names) and selling all the gear these student athletes are representing, the players who are making people get excited about these universities don’t see a penny of it. Pimps work at night mostly, but apparently they work for the NCAA too. Maybe one day these kids will be able to get some form of payment for the work they put in while everyone else stands around and points them in the certain directions.


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