Side Baby: Could You Accept Your Significant Others?

If you haven’t watched the season finale of Insecure I suggest you ignore this article until you finish the season. If you’ve had the chance to enjoy all the drama, keep on reading because baby do I have some shit to say.

First of all I’m going to start off with, WE ALL SEEN IT COMING. The minute Lawrence & Issa met up for drinks, laid out all their problems they had while in a relationship with one another on the table and still proceeded to have a wonderful night, we all knew that after 3 seasons of straight up bullshit between these two, the writers were finally giving us what we wanted to see; a love rekindled. But before that could completely happen, just like any woman or man wanting to rebuild with an ex you want to be sure that all baggage has been dropped off and cleared the hell out. That’s exactly what Issa did and I was happy to know that things were over between Lawrence and that Condalisa or whatever her name is woman.

Fast forward to the last episode where Lawrence comes to talk to Issa and the news we all thought we avoided, came to light; Lawrence done got the bitch pregnant. Let me tell you, I caught a case of PTSD. It was a Derwin and Melanie situation all over again and The whole Insecure crew had me ready to fight. If you don’t know who Derwin & Mel are you need to go find the series The Game and watch every season of it. Anyways Issa came through with all the right questions, the main one being, what does this mean for us and our relationship? Now here the fans are wondering what’s going to happen next.

Will Lawrence still take the job in The City?

Will Condola do whatever she can to get back with Lawrence?

Is she really pregnant?

Is Issa going to stay with Lawrence or will she finally give Nathan another chance?

Oh but when it comes to that baby, I can just see things going real left or all the way right. Personally, I haven’t been in this exact situation but I have been in one’s similar and I will say I don’t ever think I could handle being with a man while his ex is carrying his child, especially when we’ve yet to have your own.

Just imagine the man you’ve seen yourself spending your whole life with getting to experience firsts with a woman who is not you. That shit is heart shattering if you ask me and will definitely put a strain on one’s relationship. No matter how secure one’s relationship might be, each of us have that little part of us that will wonder if this is where he/she wants to be. Some people want to make their families work, especially as a child gets older. That could potentially end the relationship. Then you have to think about how involved your significant other will be in the pregnancy. If you have a good man, you already know he is going to be there for his child and that may also mean he will do whatever it takes to also keep the mother of that child happy. To deal with all of that you really have to be a strong woman.

I can remember on multiple occasions having moments of wanting to get back with my son’s dad but then finding out once again he got another person pregnant. Each time it hurt me a little different, taking away every little ounce of hope I had left for what could possibly be. You get to a point where you have to take into consideration what life for you would be like but also for those other children involved. Is the possible dysfunction worth it? Every relationship has problems but do you want to add extra one’s to the ones already existing?

The thought of being with the person you love is beautiful but sometimes love just isn’t enough when it comes to situations such as this. I would never want to feel resentment when it comes to the man I’m sleeping with and the children he created outside of me, which is why sometimes it’s just best to let things go; for your sanity and maybe even theirs.

If you were to found out your boyfriend was about to have a baby how would you react?

Would it be the ultimate deal-breaker even if that baby was coming from a relationship that came before the two of you got together?

Let us know in the comments!


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