The Bible on Reparations

Although I have three different bibles on my bed side table and the bible app on my phone, I’d be lying If I said I didn’t go weeks without reading the bible at all. In fact, I cannot tell you the last time I as much as touched any of my physical bibles. But, the other morning I woke up and I had the urge to grab it. The weight of the world was on my shoulders. It was almost as if I felt the cries of all my people raging through my body. This war we have going on is so much deeper than just race. Its a spiritual warfare between the angel of darkness and the God of the universe. Unfortunately, I have a calling that’s been on my life since I was a kid. A calling that no matter how far I drift or how much I try to run from, knocks on my door whenever she feels. I’m far from perfect. But, so are all of God’s children. I say this to say, when I grabbed my bible I started to pray. I didn’t just want to google the verse of the day or read some arbitrary message on loving my enemies. In that moment, I needed God to direct me to what I needed to see. I am so glad that I did, because I would never voluntarily choose to read Nehemiah. Honestly, in the thousands of hours I’ve spent listening to sermons, I’m almost positive I’ve never heard someone preach from that book of the bible. But the other day I made a connection. It was as if God wanted me to read that it was his will for black people to get reparations. This may sound crazy but follow these scriptures with me.

*For better clarity , read the full chapter of Nehemiah 5 in the King James Bible and then cross reference with an Amplified or Message Bible. *


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