Better Left Unsaid (Part II)

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Amber cried as she listened to Summer Walker. All she wanted to do was tell her father she was pregnant, but he clearly thought she was a failure, so why would she add more fuel to the fire?

Despite all her friends telling her to get an abortion, Amber didn’t want that. She loved her boyfriend Milo and she was ready to become a mother. Ever since she was little, Amber would daydream about being a mom. She would put clothes under her shirt and walk around telling her classmates she was pregnant. Elliot realized this and put Amber on birth control as soon as she started her period. However, Amber would secretly throw it away hopping that one day she would end up pregnant.

Elliot hated Milo. He was a 28 year old college dropout who sat at home, smoked weed and played video games all day. When Amber was 19, Milo convinced her that higher education was a scam and encouraged her to dropout. Ever since then, Elliot questioned if he had failed as a parent.

Regardless of what Elliot felt, Amber loved Milo. He was charming, supportive, sexy, the man she always wanted. Amber didn’t understand how her father could be so judgmental. He judged her, her mother, Milo… everyone she cared about.

A notification went off on Amber’s phone. She had received a text from Milo:

Milo- Fuck it babe, let’s just leave tonight. You still have the money, right? Just steal that niggas keys.

Amber- I don’t know baby.

Milo- I know you love your dad, but all those hurtful things he said, he doesn’t deserve to have you in his life.

Amber- I know. What about my mom though?

Milo- You’re kidding me right? You haven’t heard from her in months!

Milo had been trying to convince Amber to runaway for weeks, but Amber didn’t want to. She loved her father and wanted to fix their relationship and tell him about the baby. However, after tonight’s blow up, she thought running away may be the best decision.

Right when Amber was texting Milo back, Elliot knocked on her door.


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