Kobe Mode

I’m going Kobe Mode!

That’s what I use to tell myself or at least think to myself as I prepared to take on a task alone. The reason behind the name is none other than the late great basketball legend Kobe Bryant, one of my favorite basketball players and public figures. Growing up, I remember Kobe being referred to as a ball hog. This was in the years after the Lakers’ three peat and he was being blamed for the end of the their dynasty. With Shaq gone to the Miami Heat, Kobe had no choice but to take over on the hardwood.

Another reason for me having this mindset was watching my parents and great grandmother. They never asked for handouts or went around begging whenever things got rough for them. Me and my siblings were taught to do the same. Instead of begging, we were taught the value of hardwork. I applied that mindset to every aspect of my life. Any problem I had no matter how major or small, my first thought was to handle it on my own. The last thing I would want is for anyone to feel as if they need to remind me of what they’ve done for me or making me feel like I wouldn’t be anywhere without their “assistance”. Rather than deal with that, I’d much rather figure it out on my own. Another reason for me having this mindset is because the last thing I’m going to do is put my fate in anyone’s hands. I never want to feel dependent on anyone because that means that I’m on their time. Having this mindset or being in this mode has caused me to turn down help a lot. It wasn’t a pride thing (although some people may beg to differ), it was just how I was. As I got older, I started to realize that it is impossible to do everything alone and that there is nothing wrong with asking for and/or accepting help from a genuine support system if you have one. This current phase of life has really shown me the importance of having a wonderful support system. In fact, it’s kind of humbling and dare I say relaxing. It’s a blessing to have genuine people around you who want nothing more than to see you grow and reach your purpose. Those are the people that you hold close and cherish, because they are hard to come by. When you find yourself in a better position, go back and bless those same people that were put in your life to help you in your time of need or just simply pay it forward!


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