Mr. Right Now (part I)

There’s nothing more disappointing than being ready for love and not having the right candidate.  Having options is great, but it will never compare to having a king who prioritizes your companionship. When a man solidifies his connection with a woman, it lets us know that “it’s real” and not just momentary.  This solid foundation is not impossible for a woman to attract or obtain. If you haven’t yet obtained this foundation, then you are currently entertaining what I like to call “Mr Right Now.”

“Mr. Right Now” will say all of the things a woman wants to hear. We as women are oblivious to his rehearsed lines and allow our hearts to absorb them. Shortly after, we recognize the temporary value of everything Mr. Right Now has to offer. He likes to give us the things we long for on his own time and terms. Attention, affection, affirmations, and gifts are never presented when we desperately need them. Then there’s consistency. “Mr Right Now” knows how much a woman  appreciates consistency, however he gives us the bare minimum.

Once a woman realizes that this is not ideal, again, we begin to understand this will never last. Next, we question if we should accept the temporary satisfaction or ask for more, anticipating disappointment. “Mr Right Now” specializes in disappointment.  In fact that’s his love language, unfortunately. Offering a beautiful fairy tale, and never measuring up.  Bringing an empty cup to the table and wanting us to fill it up. That’s “Mr Right Now.”


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