Album Review for Big K.R.I.T’s Digital Rose’s Don’t Die

I recently listened to Big K.R.I.T’s latest project Digital Roses Don’t Die.

I enjoyed it!

I had long heard that Big K.R.I.T was a solid MC but I only heard a couple of his tracks and never a full album. After listening to his latest album Digital Roses Don’t Die, I now see what everyone was talking about. He is truly a talented artist. After hearing this album, he has made it to my list of favorite artists. In fact, I may go back and listen to some of his other works. This album, from what I hear, is a different direction from his past works. DRDD has a mellow, laid back, grown folks vibe that I found refreshing. There is one word that comes to mind when listening to this wonder album: masterpiece!

My Favorite Tracks:

1.) So Cool- I love this track because of how smooth it is with its 70s jazz inspired feel. This is the song you play when you’re getting ready to step out to your favorite hookah spot or lounge. This track is a fly guy/fly girl anthem!

2.) Show U Right- This is the perfect track for the skating rink or some type of get together at a friend’s house. If you and you friends like to bust a two-step or form a Soul Train line midway through the function, this is the song to do it to!

3.) Just 4 You- This is that song you listen to when you met “the one” but you’re still in the getting to know each other/honeymoon phase. The one that you see yourself with forever. The one you can’t wait to introduce to your parents and bring around for holidays and family functions.


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