Ready for It to All Make Sense!

To say that I am in a place of frustration would be an understatement. I’ve been in this place for quite some time. I’ve actually grown familiar with this place although I’m not wearing that as a badge of honor. I’ve been in this place since last summer. Actually, this fortress of frustration led me to this platform as some of you know so there has been some moments of triumph and times where I smiled in the midst of the storm because I knew things would get better. I have seen others prosper and I have  been happy for them. I love to see people win and succeed especially if I know them personally and have witnessed their journey. However, while cheering for others, I can’t help but wonder when my moment going to arrive. There are moments where I feel like one of the last players sitting at my table on draft night waiting to hear my name called while my peers are off the board and at their respected destinations to began their professional careers. For a while now, I’ve been at the point where I’m ready for all of this to make sense. I’m ready for the conclusion of this chapter of my life. I am ready to say to myself “Oh! So this is why all of this happened” while being on the beginning stages of my new season. I know that my moment is right around the corner but I often find myself growing impatient. Despite how I currently feel, I know the day is coming where the sleepless nights, the anguish, and every other negative emotion I’ve experienced during this time will all be a distant memory because I’ll be too busy experiencing the joyous feeling of this all making sense. I believe that day will come this year. Can I give you the exact date of when this will happen? No, but it will be this year!


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