The Truth About Turning 30

Everyone makes 30 seem like the death of your youth. They warn you about the change in mindset, the constant need to get your life together, or even the pain you feel in your knees in the morning. Yet, no one tells you that the only thing you really crave is peace and authenticity. You want genuine connections, interactions, and a mindset that external factors can’t easily sway. You literally seek out things, people, and experiences that make you wholeheartedly feel good. You stop worrying about what people think or how they view you. You also start to realize that the people around you aren’t as put together as they seem. You begin to unlearn what you were taught and relearn what works for you. Thirty is about becoming the best YOU for you, even if that means dropping some people off. 

Turning 30 isn’t a curse or anything to be feared. The fear of turning 30 for most people is realizing they don’t have their shit together. They failed to cultivate meaningful relationships or explore their potential in their building years. I’m five months on this adventure in being 30, and I regret none of my life experiences. Instead, I have authentically grown to love and appreciate ALL of myself. I have started to love the things the world made me feel are cursed. I don’t wake up in the morning worrying about if the world will accept me because I know the people meant for me will navigate to me. I love the ability of knowing that the woman I am in this moment owns her shit, even the parts that aren’t so pretty. I can respectfully speak my truth and understand that no one around me can make me feel inferior about it. My authenticity only offends people who haven’t grown comfortable in their own shoes or haven’t realized just how much value they hold. However, I’m gracefully and purposefully unpacking my bags so that I can continue on my path of authentic alignment. Thirty isn’t the shit show that people warned me about; it’s literally just the age that you fully start to control every aspect of your life. I’ve entirely accepted that my life is mine to navigate even the messy shit that people deem sinful. As a result, I can open up to the things that make my heart smile, assert my boundaries, and pop my shit without concern. I’ll never experience any of these moments again, so I’m going to accept every part of what thirty brings. I’m aware that this is just the start of my life; I have so much left to experience as this version of myself. But the most beautiful part of it all–I’ll only get better over time. Forget the labels, forget the titles, and simply live for once. Life doesn’t stop at thirty; it’s just getting started. 

Ohh, and the increased sex drive thing is true. *wink, wink*


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