Misha’s Room Episode 8: Confidence

IMG_7224Hey everybody!! Welcome back to Misha’s Room, I hope y’all missed me! Hopefully February gave enough content to carry y’all over while I took my impromptu hiatus, BUT I’m back, we in this bitch!

Thanks to Megan the Stallion, City Girls, Beyonce, and the TAIL of Women’s Month, I have been feeling phenomenal! Boss! Worthy! Capable of doing literally anything! Come on Confidence! This piece is about Misha getting to know Misha. Fuck the different versions I present to others. Fuck comparisons. Fuck what the world may have to say about who I am. I imagine existing free of adhering to other’s expectations, and my first step at achieving that was determining how I align with my own. I had to fall in love with the raw, naked version of Misha and here’s how 🙂

Make yourself at home. Listen to find out how to win an exclusive Misha’s Room T-Shirt and a free signed copy of Silver Games! Click the link to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or to listen on SoundCloud. Thanks for kicking it with me, see y’all next time!


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