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Storytime with Sky: Long Distance Love

Everyone has the following questions about love and relationships. Can you love someone from an distance? Is it possible for a relationship to work if it’s long distance? How could you date someone who is not in the same city and/or state as you? All of these questions are things I’ve asked myself. Plenty of… Continue reading Storytime with Sky: Long Distance Love


The Long Distance One (PART 2)

The whole time I was in Mississippi, Patrick and I were arguing. It would escalate so much that he'd go in the other room and give me the silent treatment for the rest of the night. The arguments weren't even that serious, but Patrick just couldn't let shit go. The breaking point was the night… Continue reading The Long Distance One (PART 2)


What if I Jumped Into Lake Merritt?

I was depressed. I had claimed to be depressed before, but this time was different. My boyfriend had broken up with me December 3, 2017. This is a little foreshadow to Part 2 of The Long Distance One (PART 1) so make sure you check that out so you can be up to speed.  I was… Continue reading What if I Jumped Into Lake Merritt?


Long Distance Relationships

If someone asked me my opinion about long distance relationships a couple years ago my response would have been different than my response today. At this point in life, I have seen some long distance relationships fail and some succeed. I have been the shoulder to cry on when people have discovered infidelities and lies… Continue reading Long Distance Relationships