Misha’s Room Episode 4: Sharing is Caring

IMG_7224Welcome back to Misha’s Room my loves! We all know January is known for dragging on forever, so thankfully we’ve officially made it to February. I’ve been teasing y’all about non-monogamous relationships a bunch, so you can take this next episode as an introduction into that world. I wrote the poem Sharing is Caring when one of my exes had me all the way fucked up LMAO. Well, that’s how I felt when she presented me with a request that pushed me far out of my comfort zone. She asked me if I was willing to open our relationship. I took to the streets to see how other people would respond to the same question and the results were somewhat mixed. They ranged from “the only pussy my partner needs is mine” to more inquisitive responses like “well why” or “how deep are we in the relationship?” I found it funny that not one person was actually excited about exploring that possible type of relationship. Especially in a generation where so many people go through the wildest extents to “ensure faithful relationships.” The shit is kind of weird, I get it. Keep an open mind as we weave our way through my reasoning though.  I won’t lie, it took some time for me to wrap my mind around the possibility. Sharing is Caring was my initial reaction. Let me know what you think. You know what to do:

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Since I am a self proclaimed Love Poet, I decided to do something special. Make arrangements because we’ll be heading to Misha’s Room FOUR times this month! I have a few pieces about evolving love, self love, heartbreak, and a sex poem or two that I’m excited about sharing with y’all, so get ready! Follow me on Instagram @sweet_likemeesh to stay in the loop. This should be fun haha. Don’t forget to let me know if you want your copy of Silver Games! I’d cop mine sooner than later if I were you..


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