Are These Platforms Created By Us to Bully Us?

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Remember hearing that a new video or album had just been released and you could go on to WorldStarHipHop and listen to majority of it? WSHH used to be the go to media platform that covered everything for us as black people. You used to have to check WSHH daily because every day was something new and exciting. The implosion of WSHH was when they started broadcasting these horrific fights or murders that were uncensored. It wouldn’t bother me if these fights were just random people but 99.99% of the fighting and crazy videos were of our own people and the savagery aspect of how we were killing each other. It got so big that it was the primary focus on WSHH, yeah, they still had music but aye did you see that new fight that they had on Worldstar with the one dude knocking out the other dude and then his girl?

When did that shit become cool? I even remember when there were various celebrities protesting and expressing that this stuff needs to be shut down by the creator and the creator just seemed to just say nah fuck that. There were women trying to expose people and then it just seemed like this website was just going to be the downfall of our people. I believe WSHH is still up, but so is Myspace. It’s not as popular as it once was and I have no problem with that.

Then came the Shade Room. Some people are clearly not going to like my opinion and I repeat OPINION about the ShadeRoom. At first, I was super hesitant about following them, because it just seemed like a reality show type of following and I barely watch those so-called reality shows. I started following them randomly one day and it seemed like at one point they were more like the Black TMZ, and I was all about it. To quote IssaRae, “I’m supporting everyone black” and I was like cool, this is not too bad. Then I started to notice slight changes that have been going on and continuing to this day on their platform. There have been a lot of advertisements lately. Like I get this is America, they need their coins. Gone head and get it boo boo, do you. They obviously haven’t been growing and to grow and expand they need money like everyone else. But at least be mindful of who you are selling yourself out to. If I see one more ad for Tummy Tea, hair bundles, or some random nigga that can boost my credit score by 300 points in two weeks… nah bruh, I’m good.

I don’t understand how they feel as though they are empowering the black woman, because you can obviously tell that’s their target audience. They influence them by providing advertisements that are bullshit. The next is the bullying. TSR obviously not only encourages bullying, but has been stirring it up in the same manner. One minute they are disrespecting various artists, next day they put up a picture of them with their shirt off and the caption “you want to call them zaddy?” Where they do that at? Like are they all on the same page? Is this someone else controlling them or something? You can’t hate one day and then try to hit someone up like hey big head, nah bruh.

The last thing that I’m not with on their page is that it seems as if some celebrities may have paid for them to influence them in some type of way (yes, I am taking it there). The Cardi B and Nicki Minaj incident. I want you to sit there and recall the one time you were scrolling on TSR and they had random pictures of them for no apparent reason. Sometimes they aren’t even black, it’s literally just a random picture that those celebrities have already put on their IG page and now TSR is showing it as well…..for what? What was the point of this? I’m pretty sure there are more important things that are going on like why am I looking at these thirsty ass pictures. I just don’t get it. I’m tired of all the dumb ass gossip and all the slandering and bashing of each other. Use these platforms to bring us together as a people, and these big platforms made by us seem to be targeted to destroy us.



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