The She Series – “& I Hope You Do”

Welcome to another segment of The She Series. For those who are joining me for the first time, The She Series was started to give my readers a look into the making of my poetry books The Diary of She – Vol. I & II. Everyone has something or someone that inspires their craft and I wanted to take you all on the journey with me. I hope you all enjoy.

Now let’s get into it…


I bet you thought every word on this paper was inspired by youbut you’re not the only one to penetrate me deep. He reached my core and every emotion came flowing out of me, washing away every trace of you.

-And I Hope You Do via The Diary of She Vol. II



You every come across an individual that thinks everything you say out your mouth is about them? Or maybe every time you post something on IG or twitter they swear you’re subbing them?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m good for throwing subliminal messages out there. I can be petty to the max but I’ve refrained from that side of me for a long time. Also as a writer, everything I put into my poems and affirmations have to do with me and the people in my life at certain times. So, yeah, some of my stuff might be about you and sometimes it might be about the next fool or gentleman (there’s very few) but you just may happen to fit in the same shoes.

Anyways, this poem came about after I got into a heated argument with someone over a poem I wrote in my first book. I got cussed out and called all kind of bitches because this guy thought I was talking about him when I wasn’t. Literally almost every guy on every social account I have could have fit the shoe, but of course this guy thought he was just that damn important. It got me thinking every time I wrote something, I bet you think this poem is about you. Welp, he made the cut because this one for surely was 😉


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