I Used To Love Her: Part 5 – The Flip Has Been Switched

“How did this happen?” David said to himself as he sat in the living room of Karen’s apartment.

Sitting across from David was Mr. and Mrs. Green, as they were awaiting breakfast from their daughter Karen.

Mr. Green was curious as to how this pairing happened between David and Karen, especially since he noticed the look on David’s face when Karen said David was her boyfriend. Mr. Green knew his daughter and he knew something was up.

“David, how are you? What happened to the job out in California?”

“The job fell through at the last minute Mr. Green and I ended up having to crash here with Karen. How have you all been? You all still own that farm on the outskirts of the city?”

“Yes we do David. You ought to come out there and visit us sometime.”

“Dad, we will be out there eventually. Don’t rush him.” said Karen as she made her way into the living room from the kitchen.

Karen brought a plate of bacon and eggs along with some toast to both her mom and dad.

“Mom and dad, what would you like to drink?”

Orange juice would be fine for both of us.”

“Ok Dad. I will bring orange juice out for both of you. David, would you like some orange juice as well?”

“Not at this time Karen. Thanks for asking though.”

Karen made her way back into the kitchen and Mr. Green and David continued their conversation.

“So David, since you have known Karen practically forever, what are your plans with our daughter?”

“Honestly, Mr. Green, I have no plans right now.”

As soon as Mr. Green heard that response, he knew he needed to pull David to the side and speak with him in private.

“Hey David. Would you mind stepping outside with me for a second. I need a cigarette.”

David obliged Mr. Green as both went outside while Mr. Green smoked his cigarette.

As soon as they stepped outside, Mr. Green went directly into his questions.

“What is really going on David? I know you aren’t her boyfriend.”

“Well Mr. Green, I have been staying here ever since I didn’t get the gig in California and it seems like Karen is trying to make it more than what it is. I am not her boyfriend and never attempted to be. I see she has strong feelings for me Mr. Green. When did this happen and why?”

“David, I am not sure how you missed this. She has been thinking of you all together for a very long time.”

At that point, David definitely knew he made a mistake sleeping with Karen and that he had to go. And if he didn’t need any more reason to go, Karen’s father confirmed it for him.

“If you’re not trying to be anything more than friends with Karen, I would suggest you leave today or tonight. Her feelings could get out of control. Trust me. We have seen it when it comes to you.

David felt fear overcoming him at that point and as both went back inside, David grabbed his phone, intent on texting Marlon.

“Marlon, I need to crash at your place for a couple days until I’m able to find a place of my own. Let me know when you can make it over here.”

Marlon received the text message from David, but he was nervous to respond to David. Should he talk to one of his best friends and go pick him up, risking Karen telling all his dirty business? Or should he stay away from the situation, valuing his secrets more than his safety?

Marlon, against his better judgement, decided he was going to text David back. He gave David 45 minutes to get ready while he made his way over to Karen’s place.

While he was waiting on Marlon to get there, David had to think of a clever way to get out of the apartment. As he was looking around the apartment, he noticed the trash looked like it needed to be taken out. All he had to do was say he wanted to take the trash out, go in the bedroom and throw some clothes in a separate bag in there and then have Marlon meet him there.

As the time went by, David was racking his brain wondering how he missed the obsession Karen had with him. He remembered her always being there for him when he needed someone to talk to. How they went to some events together when no one else happened to be available and how any relationship she had never seemed to last very long.

“Mr. and Mrs. Green. Are you all done with your breakfast?” David asked as he noticed the older couple was just holding their plates while talking with Karen.

“I can get their plates David.”

“No, I insist Karen. I got their plates. Plus I have to take the trash out.”

David got up and started gathering the trash and as he did so, he took the large trash bag back into Karen’s bedroom. He had a smaller bag in there he could use to put some clothes in there. After all, most of his clothes were in storage until he got his own place. He packed enough clothes in their for him to lounge and work in and threw it in the trash bad as well. He knew the clothes would stink, but he knew he needed to heed the warning of Karen’s father.

He got the bag all gathered up and before he left for the dumpster, David sat the near the front door of the apartment while he went to the bathroom. He had made up the excuse that he needed to go to the restroom before he went outside, but he was really in there gathering things like deodorant, toothpaste and his toothbrush. Once he gathered those things, David stuffed those in the pockets of his shorts and headed out the door with the trash.  The dumpster was a couple sections down from Karen’s apartment, so she knew he would be gone a minute and that gave him enough time for Marlon to pick him up and for them to get on the road. Sure, his wallet and identification was still not available to him, but he had to get away and he could worry about that stuff the next day.

As David was almost to the dumpster, he called took his phone out of his right pocket and called Marlon.

“You almost here?”

“I’m pulling in now.”

As soon as David got to the dumpster and got his bag out of the trash while dumping the actual trash, he saw Marlon pulling up in his black Nissan Altima with tinted windows.

“That bag is going in the trunk David. No way you’re sitting that in my  vehicle.”

David obliged, sitting his bag in the back of Marlon’s vehicle and they pulled off.

Meanwhile at the apartment, Karen was waiting for David to come back. Five minutes went by. Ten minutes went by. She heard nothing from David and decided to call him. He did not answer. Just when she was beginning to get worried, she received a text from David.

“Karen, I had to leave. I hope you understand why.”

Karen was heartbroken. She wanted David more than anything but there she was again, living without him being by her side.

“What’s wrong baby?” said Karen’s dad.

“Well, apparently, David decided he isn’t coming back. He left. David isn’t coming back tonight.”

Karen cried a few tears after acknowledging David left despite her best efforts to show him that she was the person he needed to be with. Her sadness, however, quickly turned into anger and her anger was directed at her father.

“What did you say to him?”

“What are you talking about Karen?”

“You said something to David when you both went outside didn’t you Dad?”

“I did ask him about you and him. Karen, he does not want you. I’m sure you know that.”

“That’s a lie Dad. He wants me. He just does not know it yet!”

“Karen, listen to your father.”

“I will not. He cost me my happy ever after. David was going to marry me!”

“No he wasn’t Karen,” said Mr. Green.

Karen stormed off into her room, upset at what her parents told her. She eventually came back and seemed calm.

“I’m sorry I got into that argument with you all.”

“Apology accepted.” Mr. and Mrs. Green said in unison.

“But you know what Dad and Mom, you both did not want me to be happy with David anyway. So today, I’m going to end your lives like you both ended mine because of you both denying me David.”

Karen pulled out her gun, a Glock, complete with silencer. And with two shots, she ended her parents’ lives right there in the living room.

“They didn’t want me to be happy anyways. Now to find David.”





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