Boss Your Life Up: For Those Seeking, Transitioning, or In Full Blown Entrepreneurship

Step 1: Seeking 

Before you read this, I just want you to know one thing, this is how I talk. Everything you see is straight from my brain to the Queen Media Collective email. I didn’t even put this particular writing in a word document. I’ve been burning on the inside feeling like I have so much to say but no way to get it out, so thank you to my sister for allowing me to utilize this space to do so. I’m not going to spending a bunch of time editing what I have to say, that’s the job of the editors if they so choose. I’m not going to make bullet points. I am not going to spend hours reanalyzing my points. I may even make incorrect punctuation. I’m just going to share. You may get lost, you may even get offended. I may go in a circle, but I promise I’ll give you something to chew on and think about. Hello, I’m Lacey. That’s my introduction.

We’ve all been told , if it sounds too good to be true , it probably is.  My dad beat me over the head with that over and over and over again any time I got an email about student loan forgiveness or getting access to free money or some job offer that was out of this world AMAZING. By the way, if someone calls your phone and it’s an automated person telling you it’s a last chance to reach you to clear your student loans, use your brain, obviously that’s a scam. Anyways as much as I respect him, like I’m sure you do your parents, my dad is certainly not in the financial place I see myself being in at 60 years old.

For one, he’s a slave to his job. My dad is self employed, but being self employed is almost worse than having a job, because at least with a job you know when your next check is coming. However, when you’re self employed, if you don’t work, you don’t make money (everyone should look up the cash flow quadrant  by Robert Kiyosaki to really understand the concept of trading time for money). And second, in my almost 24 years of life, I can’t think of the last time my dad was not worried about money. So I started asking myself, if my dad is not where I want to be when I’m his age, should I really be taking advice from him? I’m no genius or anything, but I think that’s a pretty good question to ask yourself when taking advice from anyone about anything .

Why do I mention this? Because so many times we are presented with opportunities and we don’t cease them because they “sound too good to be true.” Other times, someone else said something negative and instead of people making their own choice and experiencing things for themselves, they just pass over the opportunity. One of my millionaire mentors told me all poor means is passing over opportunities repeatedly. I’m typing this to say, sometimes the defeating and or discouraging words of others are only a reflection of their own fears. They can’t imagine not having a steady flow of income. They can’t picture themselves being in control of their paychecks, lives, or time. They’d rather complain about their job than sacrifice some of their current lifestyle for a better tomorrow. And in the example of my dad, he knows how it feels to be in business and to struggle. Maybe him saying “if it sounds too good to be true , it is” was his way of protecting me from taking some of the risks in life he has; the job of a parent is to protect you, even if that’s at the expense of your dreams.

Lastly, a lot of people are ok with just being ok…. and guess what … THAT’S OK. Because if everyone was a super ambitious, creative , money motivated, free spirited person ,  there would be no clients for the entrepreneurial minded people to service. I want to encourage you. If you have a dream GO AFTER IT !! Do not let any of the kinds of people I just mentioned above keep you from seeking. To make it clear, I’m not saying don’t have a plan, even if that means working 9-5 , driving in 1-2 hours of traffic, arriving at home , shoving some food down your throat like nurses do, and then working on your dreams until midnight, DO THAT!  I promise you , the people in your life that are supposed to be there will be there. FOCUS ON YOUR DREAM, because when you’re no longer on earth, do you want to leave knowing you took your dreams with you? Maybe your dream isn’t to be a multi-billionaire like me. Maybe your dream isn’t to give hundreds of millions of dollars away. Your dream may not be as big as mine. BUT, In my humble opinion, it’s a disgrace for God to give you a dream and for you to live a mediocre substandard life and never even TRY, sweat blood and tears, TRY to achieve it. When I meet him, I want to be empty because my life was so full. Unfortunately, most people will live empty lives, and all they’ll be full of when they meet God are excuses. Don’t be most people.


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