7 Stages Of A Twin Flame

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

I’m back again and today I’m going to dive a little deeper into twin flames aka your mirror. If you read my previous article, Can Your Soul Mate Be Toxic, you already got a little glimpse into what a twin flame is and the signs that’ll help you know if you’ve come across one or what to look for if you think your twin flame is near. Unfortunately not everyone gets to experience the beauty of coming in contact with a person who has the same soul as you; it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Many tend to confuse a soul mate with a twin flame, which is understandable but there are several stages/connections one must go through before meeting their flame. Those 7 stages are as follows:

Stage 1: Preparation

I believe that just like me, there are other single men and women that believe their person is out in the world somewhere just waiting to cross paths with them. We tell ourselves that its okay not to rush into finding our other half and instead focus on bettering ourselves. Once you take time to work on yourself more and learn more about life, love and who you are, you’ll feel more prepared for the powerful connection, which is your twin flame.

Stage 2: The First Meeting

Now the first meeting may not always be physical. You may wake up overcome with happiness and a feeling that something or someone special is coming your way. You may even began to experience signs or symbols that represent eternal love. Now if you do physically come across your twin flame you may be overcome with a powerful feeling, telling you that you need to know more about who this person is as you are unable to get them out of your mind.

Stage 3: Falling

Once you’ve met your twin flame you will immediately form a deep connection, one you aren’t used to having with another individual. If you aren’t a fan of intimacy or romance you just may find yourself going all in, arms wide open. If you are a person who rushed into a relationship, you’ll likely want to take your time. Your twin flame will make you feel things you’ve never felt or thought you could feel in this lifetime, but it might not last long.

Stage 4: Turmoil

Twin flame relationships tend to move faster than the ordinary relationship, which means you’ll quickly begin to recognize qualities in your twin that may make you want to back away from one another. All the work you did on yourself before coming in contact with your flame actually may not have been completed causing issues in the relationship that will cause one of the both of you to move on from each other when you should be able to face the issues head on.

Stage 5: The Chase

Several things can come into play in this stage of the twin flame connection. When the relationship gets troublesome your partner may find it best to give the other their space, leaving them isolated or they may chase after their partner and try to get them to act the way they want them to. During this stage, the two almost always ended up separated and disappointed.

Stage 6: Surrendering

In this stage, during separation the twin flames will get to explore what it is they are afraid of or trying to suppress. As the connection to yourself becomes deeper so does the one with your twin flame, even if you two are not together. During your time apart you may even find yourself in a new relationship but have this feeling that your twin flame is always near, like a shadow. You may even began to wonder when you two will get the chance to be together again.

Stage 7: Reuniting

Now your twin flame is all about having a soul connection and it’s a possibility that you may never reunite with your twin flame, sad right? If the time taken apart was used to practice patience, acceptance, forgiveness and be willing to release control over one another, a relationship can possibly be formed again—creating a union that most don’t experience in this lifetime.


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